Wink Expands Seed Round With Additional $3M in New Funding

Wink, a Texas and California based, biometric identity and payments platform, is pleased to announce that it has received an additional $3M million of seed investment. This seed equity round follows the $2.85 million previously raised in a pre-seed round in 2021-22. The additional financing is led by Cerracap Ventures, a B2B enterprise software focused early stage venture firm, and joined by Flying Point Industries and several family offices from Texas and California.

Wink’s biometric identity and payments platform is bringing forth a unique patent pending approach to passwordless authentication and handsfreeTM payments, by converting any camera on any device into a secure authenticator and a payments acceptance point. This means that with Wink’s technology, institutions will be able to authenticate and accept payments from their consumers across the billions of computers, smartphones, connected cars, SmartTVs, POS terminals and any IOT device that is camera and internet enabled.

The way people interact with brands is changing, and the fast emerging ecosystem needs a more streamlined omni-channel experience that puts consumer security, privacy, trust and experience at the forefront. Merchants and service providers have grown fatigued from the incessant implications of fraud across several sectors, and the loss of revenue from account access, unauthorized account takeovers and illegal account sharing. Wink is committed to answering that call and to delivering the best product and experience for our customers that fits seamlessly into both the current environment and the upcoming challenges of new technologies such as Web3, Metaverse, Connected Cars and many other new avenues of customer interaction.

“We are excited to have continued support from investors who see the game-changing potential of biometrics in authentication, payments and the platform’s applicability across all industries,” said Deepak Jain, founder and chief executive officer, Wink. “We are committed to weeding out passwords and loophole-ridden legacy authentication methods by offering a modern decentralized biometrics based platform that leaves no room for account compromise. We are grateful to have successful and like-minded investors in Cerracap Ventures backing our vision of delivering people first authentication and payments that is utilizable by any institution, irrespective of industry, size or location.”

CerraCap Ventures, a global fund and a lead investor in Wink shared, “Investing in Wink is not just about putting money into a cutting-edge technology company, it’s about investing in the future of secure and seamless identity and payment experiences. Wink is a great fit for our Sales and Scale model enabling disruption and creating win-win outcomes.” said Saurabh Ranjan, CEO and founder of CerraCap Ventures. “Wink is already demonstrating amazing reception in the multiple segments of the market, from e-commerce to connected cars to smart homes and we can’t be more excited about the future with Wink!

“Wink is taking passwordless authentication to a whole new level and it’s an important investment for us.” said Gaurav Arora, Co-founder and Partner of Flying Point.

About Wink

Wink provides a device agnostic multifactor biometric identity and payments platform that combines advanced face and voice recognition, AI, advanced ML, and ChatGPT technology for fast, secure passwordless login and payment experiences. Wink has been recognized as one of the top biometric startups and has several patents pending on using biometrics in passwordless authentication, e-commerce, retail and car payments. Wink payments platform supports major payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards and major wallets popular with consumers. Wink’s platform also supports sending biometric payments to more than 200 major gateways. Wink’s technology also provides advanced network tokenization and PCI compliant data protection to customers looking to bring fraud free payments to their consumers. For more information visit

About CerraCap

CerraCap Ventures, a Global Venture Capital fund headquartered in Southern California, dedicated to early-stage technology investments in enterprise (B2B) solutions focused on the new fundamentals of the digital age – Enterprise AI, Cyber Security and Healthcare. It enables rapid growth of technology startups leveraging its unique Sales & Scale™ business model, driving revenue from large enterprises into its portfolio companies. For more information, visit

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