WEEDAR raises $1.5 million to deliver engaging loyalty programs to cannabis brands

WEEDAR, a unique loyalty and distribution ecosystem that combines engaging AR-powered shopping experiences and gamified loyalty programs for cannabis brands, today announced that it has raised $1.5 million in a Seed Round of funding led by an anonymous private investor. The investment brings the company’s total fundraising to date to $2.3 million. The raised funds will be used to expand and improve the existing feature set, and scale marketing as the company continues building its industry-first platform that’s already helping cannabis brands fuel sales and strengthen customer retention.

Consumers using WEEDAR can shop their favorite brands in 3D augmented reality, as opposed to generic product catalogs, get access to exclusive, beautifully packaged product drops created in collaboration with trendy artists, and receive NFTs for their purchases. Customers can then trade or resell the NFTs, making WEEDAR the first and only platform where consumers can actually make money buying weed. Customers can also engage in gamified in-app experiences and collect points for each win. These points are stored in a virtual Stash Box, and can be exchanged for discounts and merch, such as exclusive customized bongs or grinders.

Brands can market their products through the WEEDAR platform and create customizable loyalty programs for their consumers, generating more sales, driving customer loyalty and boosting retention rates. Brands can also opt for a white-label solution, which includes a fully customized app with branded AR-powered experiences and tailor-made loyalty schemes. Additionally, brands get access to advanced sales analytics that provide insight into consumption patterns across regions, which enables improved product distribution, sales and localized offerings.

“Cannabis is the United States’ fastest-growing market. VCs are pouring in cash and consumers are happily hopping on board. However, the marketing aspect seems to be stuck in the ’90s. Most cannabis brands are clinging on to the old-school points program, which is outdated, boring and ties clients to one point of sale. With WEEDAR they can access limited edition products with unique packaging online, check out the item and its contents in AR, collect points, and redeem discounts and goodies. Our ultimate goal is to integrate these features with all points of sales — online and offline — to create a unified loyalty platform, enabling consumers to get the most out of shopping with their favorite brands anywhere and any time,” said Jonathan Bohun, founder and CEO of WEEDAR.

Currently operating in California, WEEDAR has teamed up with 12 delivery hubs serving a population of 2 million with over 700 items, which are visualized in the Californian cannabis market’s biggest library of 3D models. The company plans to expand to Washington, New York, Florida and Michigan in 2023. WEEDAR has shown consistent and sustainable month-over-month growth of 30% and has already signed with the biggest names on the market, including The Cure Company and Kushstock Festival, with more partners signing up.


Founded in 2021, WEEDAR is a revolutionary loyalty and distribution platform offering engaging AR-powered distribution and gamified loyalty programs for cannabis brands. Currently operating in California, the solution helps cannabis brands boost sales, drive customer retention and loyalty through immersive and engaging customizable shopping experiences. WEEDAR’s unique combination of features is used by leaders in the cannabis market, including The Cure Company, to fuel their marketing and sales operations.

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