Vyoma Secures Additional Seed Funding from Safran Corporate Ventures

The investment will boost Vyoma’s growth and support development of its innovative space object monitoring system and satellite operations automation services.

Key Takeaways

  1. Vyoma raised an additional €8.5M in Seed funding from Safran Corporate Ventures.
  2. The funds will be used to bolster Vyoma’s growth and sensor technology development.
  3. Vyoma is set to launch its first units of space-based telescopes for object monitoring in 2024.

Seed Funding Round

Vyoma, a Munich-based Space Situational Awareness (SSA) and Space Traffic Management (STM) company, has secured additional funding from Safran Corporate Ventures to close its Seed round. Safran Corporate Ventures, Safran’s venture capital division, supports transformative technologies and deep-tech companies with the potential to reshape the European aviation, space, and defense sectors.

Funds Utilization

Vyoma is revolutionizing the space industry with its space-based telescopes, which will monitor space objects ranging from space debris to satellites, providing reliable SSA data. This data, combined with space traffic management services, will ensure safe and efficient satellite operations. The first telescope units will be launched in 2024, enabling 24/7 space traffic monitoring.

The investment will support Vyoma’s rapid growth and impact in the industry. Funds will be utilized to strengthen the Vyoma team, expand the customer base, and consolidate its market position. In partnership with Safran branches, Vyoma will further develop sensor technologies.

Management Remarks

Dr. Stefan Frey, Co-founder and CEO of Vyoma, emphasized the importance of cross-country alliances in Europe, as it ensures the continent remains at the forefront of space intelligence and drives tech innovation. Florent Illat, Head of Safran Corporate Ventures, echoed this sentiment, mentioning the investment aligns with their strategy of backing disruptive tech companies that are strategic for Safran and strengthen European Union’s sovereignty.

About Vyoma

Founded in August 2020, Vyoma leverages ground-based and soon, space-based data for automated satellite operations. Vyoma provides real-time space traffic management in congested orbits around Earth, thus ensuring safe and automated satellite operations services, significantly reducing mission costs for its customers. The company offers a range of services including detection of close approaches between satellites and debris, maneuver optimization, and full automation.

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