Tidal League Reaches New Heights Through the Addition of Talented Creators and a Successful Seed-Round Raise

Over the past year, Tidal League has grown exponentially into a multi-media network.

Powered by passion, Tidal League in conjunction with its unique group of creators, continues to diversify its property offering through episodic series, documentaries, and docuseries. Coupling its unique slate of programming alongside the ambition of being an industry disruptor, Tidal League continues to be the emerging leader in storytelling in the worlds of sport and culture.

The following are a list of featured properties within the Tidal League Portfolio:

Fast Lane Lifestyle: An inside look into the lives of power couple, Olympic Gold Medalist, Asafa and Internationally Renowned Model, Alyshia Powell. Featuring candid conversations with individuals like the legendary Usain Bolt. Since inception, Fast Lane Lifestyle has dominated Jamaican airwaves and become the country’s leading podcast.

Run Your Race: A conversation centered around the peaks and pitfalls of life and basketball throughout the NBA, led by Theo Pinson of the Dallas Mavericks and influential sports marketing leader AJ Richardson. In partnership with CAA, Run Your Race is only 1 of 9 Active NBA Player led podcasts.

LeagueBiz: This highly produced episodic series, is a SLAM Media and Tidal League collaboration that aims to demystify the business of basketball. Guest contributors include NBA executives, former NBA stars, and the playmakers operating in and around the game.

Dirty 30: A podcast exploring the life of Duke’s NCAA Division I star Shayeann Day-Wilson. Listen and learn as Shy bridges the gap between being an amateur athlete, student and professional with the new dynamic of NIL. Shayeann is a rare talent and a young leader on the path to stardom.

Sessions: A highly produced episodic series where the intersection of art and basketball is profiled through the permanent expression of ink. Experience tattoo culture with the best artists as they tattoo top athletes around the league. These conversations between artist and athlete are raw, unfiltered, and the first of their kind.

Key Business Milestones:

Leisa Washington:

Formerly an advisor to the company, Leisa Washington has taken on a larger role as the company’s new Managing Partner. Leisa spearheaded early investment, effectively leads Tidal League’s strategic initiatives, and plays an instrumental role in the recruitment of creators. She brings her entrepreneurial spirit and decorated managerial resumé into the fold. As a leader, Leisa continues to inspire as a trailblazer and role model in a male-dominated industry.

Successful Seed Raise:

Tidal League secured a total of 1.3 Million (CAD) dollars through multiple Angel Investors. This tight-knit circle committed to our vision has propelled the company forward through investment and added expertise.

Tidal League has Embarked on a New Raise of 2 Million Dollars:

With the goal of network expansion and an unwavering mission to enhance the experience of its audience through passionate storytelling, Tidal League has set out to raise two million dollars as it moves into 2023. With Tidal League work reaching 189 countries, the goal to reach the masses remains.

The Future:

With the addition of capital, Tidal League will enhance its portfolio offering with resources to empower its current pool of talented employees and creators. Be on the lookout for involvement in new content areas (Music, Tech, Esports, Cannabis) and an OTT platform service in which Tidal League’s original content can live. Tidal League will continue to ensure it is not only striving to be the industry leader in content creation, but also delivering the highest quality production on the market. Tidal League will continue to add impactful content, with a focus on storytelling, that moves the future change-makers in society.

More About Tidal League:

Tidal League is a multi-media network founded on three principles: storytelling, sports, and culture. We give voice to all pillars through the careful selection of our creators and branded partnerships, resulting in a sea of original content. Whether it be a decorated Olympic medalist, an accomplished executive, or a budding star of tomorrow, Tidal League’s platform continues to impact both athletes and audiences globally, because it is powered by passion: The passion for story. The passion for sports. The passion for culture.

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