SuperScale Raises $5.4M Series A to Grow Revenue for Game Developers and Publishers

SuperScale, a Specialist Gaming Tech Company, Secures Funding to Maximize Earning Power for Game Developers and Publishers

Key Takeaways:

  • SuperScale, a revenue growth engine for the games industry, has successfully raised $5.4 million (€5 million) in a Series A funding round. The funding will support SuperScale in expanding its market-leading services aimed at enhancing commercial effectiveness throughout a game’s entire infrastructure. Notable investors in the round include Venture to Future Fund, Across Private Investments, and Zero One Hundred.
  • Founded in 2015, SuperScale offers a comprehensive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) analytics platform that enables game developers and publishers to identify revenue-boosting strategies. Additionally, SuperScale provides expert publishing and game management services to drive game earnings. This funding marks the company’s first major capital raise after a small seed round in 2020.
  • SuperScale plans to leverage the funding to expand its revenue-growth services and make them available to more developers and publishers worldwide. The company’s innovative “Venture Publishing” approach, where SuperScale invests in customers’ games and takes on responsibilities for marketing, monetization, and LiveOps, will be further developed and implemented. SuperScale recoups its investment through a revenue share on the additional profit generated by the games.

Transforming Commercial Effectiveness in the Games Industry

SuperScale’s goal is to maximize the earning potential of game developers and publishers by providing data-driven insights and expert services. The company’s SaaS analytics platform empowers its clients to identify strategies that increase revenue. SuperScale’s Series A funding round will enable the company to expand its revenue-growth services and cater to more developers and publishers globally.

Ivan Trancik, CEO and Founder of SuperScale, emphasizes the significance of scaling games in today’s competitive landscape and affirms the company’s commitment to supporting developers and publishers in achieving success. The funding serves as an endorsement of SuperScale’s team and will aid in the accomplishment of major milestones outlined in its ambitious roadmap.

Peter Jakubička, CEO at Across Private Investments, commends SuperScale’s unique and remarkable blend of scalable technology and an expert team. He highlights the company’s innovative and robust business model, well-suited for the current global economic climate and the games industry. Jakubička expresses excitement about the investment opportunity and emphasizes the privilege of being part of this once-in-a-generation emerging venture in the region.

Ian Marsh, Co-Owner of US mobile games developer and publisher NimbleBit, praises SuperScale’s approach and its positive impact on their titles’ revenue. Marsh states that SuperScale’s management, improvement, and growth of their games have resulted in record-breaking revenue for their 10-year-old titles, which is a remarkable achievement in the current gaming landscape.

Expanding Reach and Driving Growth

SuperScale has experienced significant growth in demand, driven by unprecedented changes in the mobile games business model following Apple’s privacy-first policy changes in 2021. The company has doubled its headcount since 2019 and recently established dedicated offices in London and Gdańsk, in addition to its Bratislava headquarters.

About SuperScale

Founded in 2015, SuperScale specializes in helping video game developers and publishers of all sizes maximize revenue through predictive analytics, monetization, marketing, and other services designed to drive commercial success. With offices in Slovakia, the UK, and Poland, SuperScale has supported over 150 mobile titles, generating more than two billion downloads worldwide. The company has collaborated with industry leaders such as Electronic Arts, Lego, Big Fish Games, and BoomBit to expand player bases, increase revenue, and create engaging gaming experiences.

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