Superfiliate Raises $3M Seed Round to Transform Affiliate Links and Discount Codes into Personalized Shopping Experiences

Superfiliate, a software platform supercharging brands word of mouth marketing channels through co-branded landing pages across their best customers, influencers, ambassadors, and affiliates, today announced the closing of a $3 million seed funding round led by Hawke Ventures and Vanterra Ventures, with participation from R2 Ventures, Revolution’s Rise of the Rest Seed Fund, Sandbox Studio Investments, Nik Sharma of Sharma Brands, Ben Zises, founder of Super Angel, and Jesse Pujji, founder of Ampush and Khahani, and Piersen Krass, founder of Lunar Solar Group.

In 2022, Affiliate marketing accounted for 16% of all online purchases in the U.S. Superfiliate takes legacy affiliate links and referral codes, historically used to simply track attribution, and turns them into fully personalized shopping experiences to drive sales and boost site conversion. By doing this, creators and customers speaking on behalf of a brand no longer disappear from the buying experience beyond the link, but send their audiences to a landing page where they can tell their brand story, curate their favorite products, and get paid for the sales they generate.

Scalable personalization and customization of the product-sharing experience have raised conversion rates by 20%+ while helping deepen the sense of partnership between brands and their creators and customers. Historically, brands were able to succeed with static shops because nearly all traffic and revenue came from traditional paid media channels. But with headwinds in the paid acquisition, brands have to diversify acquisition across a number of channels, with Superfiliate enabling them to optimize the conversion funnel for each unique source of traffic.

Founded less than two years ago by Anders Bill and Andy Cloyd,  the company is already working with some of the top ecommerce merchants, including MudWTR, Florence By Mills, Beam, and Hiya Health.

CEO of Superfiliate, Andy Cloyd said, “With the rise of the creator economy and proliferation of short-form video, the way people discover products and shop has transformed entirely in the last five years, but the technology at a brand’s disposal has not evolved in step. We’re building a platform native to new e-commerce paradigms that empower creators and help brands consolidate disparate tools into one easy-to-use app that is consistent with the brand aesthetic that merchants spend years crafting.”

“Superfiliate has created something incredibly needed and special. Companies are quickly trying to identify how to maximize their returns on their marketing, and what Superfiliate has created is a great answer to that need. We are very excited to be a part of that journey,” said Erik Huberman, CEO and Founder of Hawke Media.

About Superfiliate

Superfiliate helps brands supercharge their word-of-mouth marketing channels with high-converting, co-branded landing pages across their best partners, ambassadors, creators, and customers.

About Hawke Ventures

Hawke Ventures is an early-stage venture fund that invests $50k$2M in martech, ad tech, and ecomm tech. They focus on growing US-based companies in the pre-seed or seed stage that have gained quantifiable traction in their market. Hawke Ventures co-invests alongside prominent angel and venture capital lead investors. General Partners include founders of Hawke Media, Erik Huberman & Tony Delmercado, and Managing Partner Drew Leahy. Hawke Ventures also operates a venture fellows program focused on training individuals from underrepresented backgrounds. The goal is to help shape the future of venture capital to look more like the population of the United States – diverse, skilled, and well-rounded.

About Vanterra Ventures

Vanterra Capital is a leading private equity investment firm that develops specialized fund platforms. Vanterra Capital formed Vanterra Ventures (“VV”) in 2018, a venture capital fund designed to capitalize on the substantial market opportunity in early-stage consumer and consumer technology while leveraging the team’s successful private equity track record. VV invests in disruptive companies across consumer goods, digital health, and enabling technologies.


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