Sourcetable Revolutionizes Data Analysis with $4.25M Funding for Innovative Spreadsheet Platform

A New Era in Data Management with the Integration of Spreadsheets, Data Warehousing, and Live Sync Features

Key Takeaways:

  • Sourcetable secures $4.25 million in funding for the development and expansion of its groundbreaking spreadsheet platform.
  • The platform integrates traditional spreadsheet features with data warehousing and live data-sync, promoting accessibility and collaboration.
  • This investment will drive the expansion of data integrations, customer support, and the hiring of additional engineers.

About Sourcetable

Sourcetable, a state-of-the-art tech startup, is leading the way in spreadsheet technology by incorporating data warehousing, live data-sync, and the familiar features of popular platforms such as Excel and Google Sheets. It’s a first of its kind platform, enabling users to work with billions of data rows without the need for extensive SQL knowledge, expensive business intelligence solutions, or hiring data engineers.

Funding and Future Growth

Sourcetable announced the securement of $4.25 million in funding, combining a $3 million Seed round and a previously unannounced pre-Seed of $1.25 million. This substantial investment will enable Sourcetable to expand its unique platform, enhance data integrations, recruit additional engineers, and bolster customer support.

A New Paradigm in Data Analysis

Sourcetable’s spreadsheet platform is ideal for startup founders, analysts, and operators due to its robust integration capabilities with over 100 business applications and databases spanning sectors such as marketing, finance, sales, eCommerce, customer support, and HR data.

The Founder of Sourcetable, Eoin McMillan, explained the need for such a platform by stating, “For most people in most companies, data is still far too hard to access. Technical hurdles, data fragmentation and internal bureaucracy all stymie creative thinking and analytical decision making for individuals and teams.”

Key People and Investors

Eoin McMillan, the Founder and CEO, previously founded the software consultancy SF Dev Labs, while CTO Andrew Grosser founded, an AI-powered workflow system. Major investors include Michael Berolzheimer (Bee Partners), Lee Jacobs (Long Journey Ventures), Melody Koh (NextView Ventures), Leah Solivan (Fuel Capital), Paul Bricault (AmplifyLA), Geoff Donaker (Burst Capital), and Jarred Colli (an angel investor).

With its innovative approach to data analysis and spreadsheet management, coupled with its new funding, Sourcetable is poised to revolutionize the way businesses interact with and utilize data, making it a company to watch in the tech startup scene.

For more information about Sourcetable and its services, visit their website at For media inquiries, please refer to the contact information in the original press release.

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