SedMed Launches Groundbreaking Toilet Lift Assist for Preorder

The Innovative Device Aims to Reduce In-Home Bathroom Falls and Injuries for the Elderly and Disabled

Key Takeaways:

  • SedMed introduces a gas-spring-powered toilet lift for preorder.
  • The device aims to reduce falls and injuries, particularly for older adults and those with disabilities.
  • After successful pilots in healthcare facilities, SedMed is now offering the device for in-home use.

About SedMed and the Toilet Lift

SedMed, a mobility products company founded in 2020, today announced the availability of its gas-spring-powered toilet lift for preorder. The innovative, patent-pending product fits most toilets, operates without electricity, and mounts directly onto the toilet, supporting up to 80% of the user’s weight during the lift.

Addressing a Crucial Safety Issue

Injury-related emergencies, sixty percent of which are caused by falls, predominantly occur in the bathroom. A significant portion of these accidents happens during transfers on and off the toilet. SedMed’s product addresses this risk, offering a solution designed to prevent falls and injuries for the elderly, people with disabilities, and their caregivers.

Positive Feedback and Future Impact

SedMed’s toilet lift has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from healthcare workers and administrators, who highlight the product’s potential benefits. Rachel Little, Director of Clinical Compliance at Lutheran Senior Services (LSS), reported that the device had shown remarkable results in its early stages, even with one resident refusing to give it back after trial use because of its effectiveness.

Founding Story and Funding

SedMed’s founder and CEO, Jeremy Bronen, initially conceptualized the toilet lift to assist a friend who struggled with daily activities following a stroke. From its beginnings as a senior design project at the University of Connecticut, SedMed has since secured over $1 million in funding, including $931,000 raised in a seed round, led by Connecticut Innovations, and an additional $115,000 in grant funding from various organizations.

Future Plans

Alongside the public launch of its core product, SedMed has also launched a new website for convenient preordering. The website also provides a platform for healthcare facilities to explore options for improving their facilities and serves as a valuable resource for older adults or people with disabilities.

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