Securing the Future: Top CISOs Invest in Gem Security’s Cutting-Edge Cloud Security Platform

A Stamp of Approval from the World’s Leading CISOs as Gem Security Trailblazes Automated Cloud Detection and Response

Key Takeaways:

  1. Gem Security receives strategic investment from Silicon Valley CISO Investments, a collective of leading CISOs, showcasing trust in the market potential of Gem’s cloud security solutions.
  2. Gem’s Cloud Detection and Response (CDR) platform automates the identification of threats and response mechanisms, helping security teams combat cyber-attacks in real-time.
  3. The Gem Security platform integrates and analyzes data from diverse cloud data sources to build visualizations of potential threats, enhancing efficiency and reducing response time.
  4. Gem Security, founded by incident response veterans in 2022, is set to revolutionize cloud security with its automated detection and response mechanism.

About Gem Security

Gem Security is a pioneering company specializing in the field of cloud detection and response. Founded in 2022, the company’s mission is to break the cloud kill chain by automating the cloud detection and response process, providing security operation (SecOps) teams with full real-time visibility and drastically reducing Mean Time To Response (MTTR). The company has raised $11M to date, with its seed investment round led by Team8.

CISOs’ Vote of Confidence in Gem’s Cloud Security Solutions

In a significant development, Gem Security announced a strategic investment from Silicon Valley CISO Investments (SVCI), an investment syndicate comprising the world’s leading Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs). The investment, backed by security executives from companies such as McDonald’s, Snowflake, Twilio, Atlassian, and Ross Stores, reflects their trust in Gem’s solutions and its market potential.

Gem Security’s groundbreaking platform enables SecOps teams to detect threats, investigate alerts, and contain attacks in the cloud in real-time. Joshua Scott, Head of Security and IT at Postman, appreciates Gem’s approach, stating, “Gem goes beyond existing cloud security tooling, and addresses the urgent pain points of security operations and incident response teams in the cloud era. Gem enables them to detect and respond to the threats that matter today.”

A New Era in Cloud Security with Gem’s Automated Solution

Gem Security’s unique platform leverages infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platform telemetry, APIs, and third-party integrations, analyzing this data using out-of-the-box rules and anomaly-based methods. In the event of an attack, the platform brings together information from all cloud data sources to construct threat timelines and visualizations automatically, providing instant context on every user, machine, or other cloud entities involved in the incident.

This automated solution saves security operations teams months of work building custom solutions themselves and enables them to respond faster when cloud environments come under attack.

The Uniqueness of Gem Security’s Approach and Team

Gem Security’s strategic approach and the team’s dedication have been the significant driving factors behind its success. Coleen Coolidge, Former Chief Information Security Officer at Twilio, said, “Gem is solving a problem that most security teams have today: it’s clear from both our research and personal experience that companies still need better, more integrated tools to detect and respond to cloud threats, tools that will give their SIRT more breathing room. Gem is uniquely positioned to address that need.”

Adrian Ludwig, Former Chief Trust Officer at Atlassian, adds, “The team at Gem is phenomenal. The founders spent years in incident response, and saw firsthand how security teams were struggling to respond to cloud breaches. They understand what SecOps teams need, and that experience is very clear in the product. That know-how is built into the platform, automating and accelerating detection and response in a way that’s extremely practical.”

A Bright Future Ahead

Gem Security’s co-founder and CEO, Arie Zilberstein, expressed his excitement about the partnership with SVCI, saying, “The fact that Gem has the confidence of this amazing group of thought leaders is a fantastic indication of both the market need for cloud detection and response tooling and the strength of Gem’s offering.” This investment and endorsement from top CISOs indeed signals a promising future for Gem Security in revolutionizing cloud security through its innovative detection and response platform.

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