Pulsr Foundation: A Leap Forward in NFT Discovery with Web3’s First AI Search Engine

Navigating the Cryptic Artworld through Advanced AI Technology and Unprecedented Cross-Chain Visibility

Key Takeaways

  • Pulsr Foundation’s new AI search engine illuminates millions of hidden NFTs across Ethereum, Polygon, and Tezos.
  • Leveraging AI, Pulsr auto-generates SEO labels for thousands of artists’ NFTs, making them easier to discover.
  • Pulsr closed a 2M pre-seed round, attracting major Web3 investors.

About Pulsr Foundation

Pulsr Foundation, the leading distributed NFT discovery ecosystem in the Web3 world, is on a mission to revolutionize the NFT space. By launching the first-ever AI search engine for NFTs, Pulsr is set to open up an array of undiscovered artists and their work to collectors. Located in West Bay, Cayman Islands, Pulsr acts as the bridge that connects creators and collectors to the next evolution of the internet.

NFT Discovery Redefined

According to Pulsr’s founder, Maxine Ryan, the NFT space is marred by a lack of ecosystem-wide visibility. As a result, millions of NFTs from talented artists are buried under mass minting volumes, going unnoticed by potential collectors.

With Pulsr’s AI search engine, the process of NFT discovery changes dramatically. This groundbreaking AI analyzes NFTs using computer vision to enrich metadata for image and video NFTs. It has already auto-generated over 40.5 million SEO labels for NFTs, significantly improving their organic searchability. This new approach bypasses the need for NFT artists to understand or adopt fragmented metadata standards across the Web3 ecosystem.

Ryan explains, “Onchain collectors are now able to discover emerging artists buried under mass minting volumes, while having a search experience closer to how one searches on Google.”

The Impact on the NFT Space

A prominent NFT collector, @UnknownCo123, lauds Pulsr’s innovation as a “major breakthrough in the history of NFTs.” Pulsr provides a multichain personalized search experience and generates permissionless NFT search engine optimization, connecting collectors to a wider purchasing ecosystem.

AOI, founder of, sees Pulsr’s AI-driven discovery as the “next frontier” and predicts that Pulsr will inspire and push onchain creativity to unprecedented levels.

A Successful Pre-Seed Round and Public Launch

Pulsr’s potential has been recognized by leading Web3 investors such as Spartan Capital, Sequoia, Future Fund, DIGITAL, and prominent NFT Angel investors. They supported Pulsr’s vision by contributing to the successful closure of a 2 million dollar pre-seed round.

Following this achievement, Ryan and her team, alongside 14,000 private access onchain collectors and artists, have been building and validating the concept of an AI-powered discovery network that addresses the critical issue of NFT visibility, cross-chain, and cross-communities.

“We are excited to launch to the public as the cornerstone of our strategy,” Ryan announced. To further discuss their launch, Pulsr Foundation is hosting an open invite Twitter Space on July 27, 2023.

The Future of NFT Discovery

Pulsr’s introduction of the first AI search engine for NFTs is a momentous step towards unlocking the full potential of the NFT ecosystem. The technology promises to ease the discovery pain points for onchain collectors and NFT marketplaces, enabling the unearthing of hidden artistic talents and enriching the NFT collector’s experience.

As more artists and collectors realize the benefits of this AI-powered discovery network, the world of NFTs will become less cryptic and more accessible. It’s an exciting moment in the evolution of the internet, as NFTs continue to blur the lines between the virtual and the physical, the creator and the collector.

For more information about Pulsr Foundation, visit their website or check out their Twitter profile.

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