ProGro BIO Announces Strategic Partnership With Hurt Seed Company

ProGro BIO has announced today a new strategic relationship with Hurt Seed Company, a Halls, Tennessee-based seed processor for numerous crops. The new strategic alliance provides for partnership across R&D initiatives and distribution of Rhizol, ProGro BIO’s premier microbial soil inoculant.

“Our partnership with Hurt Seed represents an important strategic positioning for ProGro,” said Blake Young, ProGro Chairman & CEO. “Hurt Seed’s deep agricultural sector expertise, technical knowledge and deep relationships in the sector will be an extraordinary asset for ProGro. They are one of the most innovative seed processors in the country with excellent competencies in crop protection, seed treatment and agronomic advice to their customers. As we expand our market reach as well as the practical application strategies for the Rhizol soil inoculant, Hurt Seed’s knowledge will be extremely valuable to our strategy”.

Hurt Seed was formed in 1932 and is a large seed processor in the United States. The company’s attractive central location in Halls, Tennessee provides excellent access to the north, Midwest, and south to the Delta. Over its rich 90-year history, the company has grown dramatically. In 2023 the company will condition some 4 million acres of seed for planting. In addition, Hurt Seed grows production of several different crops using a large grower base with a highly experienced staff in all facets of agriculture.

Ray Hurt, President of Hurt Seed, commented “We are particularly excited about partnering with ProGro BIO. Our assessment work with them demonstrated that the company had advanced innovative technology in the microbial soil inoculant space with the ability to produce an impressive and differentiated all-natural microbial solution with very high efficacy. We are excited about the potential of our partnership.”

About ProGro BIO

ProGro BIO is an AgTech microbial sciences company that produces all-natural organic microbial formulations that are the most advanced formulations of beneficial bacterial and fungal strains available on the market. Rhizol is the result of three decades of research and development and testing and when properly applied can increase crop yields, accelerate plant growth, mitigate soil-borne pathogens and destructive parasitic nematodes, and perpetuate drought resistance. The company’s vision to create a new standard for sustainable agriculture by dramatically improving soil health through highly effective, natural microbial soil inoculation. The company launched a highly successful pre-seed funding round in early 2022. Learn more at

About Hurt Seed Company

Hurt Seed rich history spans over five generations of seed processing and conditioning expertise. The company conditions millions of acres of seed each year and offers a myriad of agricultural consulting expertise to its customer base. With a large grower base spanning over five states, Hurt Seed also specializes in the production and manufacturing of a wide variety of seeds.

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