Primal Debuts Groundbreaking Social Network Backed by $1M Seed Funding for Digital Freedom

The Application Utilizes Open-Source Protocols, Promising Complete Freedom of Expression

Key Takeaways:

  • Primal introduces its flagship social media application aimed at providing complete freedom of expression without the fear of de-platforming.
  • The launch follows a $1M seed round led by Ten31, with participation from Hivemind, among others.
  • Built on the Nostr protocol, Primal plans to develop an immersive user experience in the expanding Nostr ecosystem.

About Primal

Primal, an innovative technology firm, announced the launch of its flagship social media application built on the Nostr protocol. With this breakthrough, Primal aims to offer users an open platform for free expression without the risk of being removed from the platform. The venture is timely, coinciding with the emergence of new competitors in the social media market and the increased funding toward open-source ecosystems like Nostr.

Funding and Future Plans

The launch follows a seed round that raised $1 million, led by Ten31 and with contributions from Hivemind, among others. With this financial backing, Primal intends to focus on creating a more engaging user experience within the flourishing Nostr ecosystem. Beyond its flagship application, Primal is developing scaling infrastructure and discovery services for Nostr.

A New Paradigm in Social Media

Primal stands out for its commitment to open source, being the first Nostr company to open source its entire product stack, including its caching and discovery service, Primal Server, as well as its web, iOS, and Android apps. The application boasts robust discovery features including search, trending content, and analytics, setting as the preferred destination for those interested in exploring Nostr.

Moreover, Primal facilitates a unique payment feature in the form of bitcoin “zaps.” Users can reward each other through the app by clicking the lightning bolt button on posts they appreciate. The app also uses this feature to rank posts in their trending lists.

Key People and Investors

Miljan Braticevic, CEO of Primal, and Matt Odell, managing partner at Ten31, expressed their enthusiasm for the venture. Braticevic highlighted Primal’s mission to offer an alternative to closed social media platforms. Odell emphasized the users’ increasing need for privacy and freedom of expression, applauding Primal’s objective of making Nostr accessible to billions of users globally.

With its innovative approach to social media communication, Primal is expected to revolutionize the digital freedom scene.

For more information about Primal and its services, visit For inquiries, please refer to the contact information in the original press release.

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