Previse Closes $3m Seed To Tackle Early Cancer Detection And Launches Company’s First Esophageal Cancer Prognostic Test

Previse, formerly known as Capsulomics, Inc., announced that the company has closed a $3M seed round and launched its first laboratory-developed test, Esopredict™.

Esophageal cancer is one of the most lethal cancers in the world, with a 20% five-year survival rate after diagnosis. According to the American Cancer Society, in 2023, about 21,560 new US cases of esophageal cancer will be diagnosed, and 16,120 people will die from the disease.  To improve survival, it is critical to know which patients with the precursor to esophageal cancer, Barrett’s esophagus, will progress to having high-grade dysplasia or esophageal cancer in the future.

In order to meet this important unmet medical need, Previse is offering Esopredict™, a precision medicine solution that allows gastroenterologists to provide a tailored approach to Barrett’s esophagus treatment.

“Our pioneering effort to introduce a first-of-its-kind test to market is a testament to our unwavering commitment to offer advanced solutions to gastroenterologists in their pursuit of providing a proactive and personalized approach to the treatment of Barrett’s esophagus and the prevention of esophageal cancer. We look forward to empowering individuals who are predisposed to this disease, along with their physicians, with the ability to make informed and rapid treatment decisions, leading to lives saved.”Daniel Lunz, Co-Founder and CEO of Previse.

Barrett’s esophagus is a condition in which the tissue lining the esophagus changes and becomes similar to the tissue that lines the intestines. This condition is often caused by long-term acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Barrett’s esophagus is the only known precursor and is a significant risk factor for developing esophageal cancer, and patients with this condition require ongoing monitoring and management. With Esopredict™, gastroenterologists can provide a more tailored approach to treatment based on each patient’s individual characteristics and needs.

“After dedicating decades of my career to cancer research, I am proud to launch Esopredict™ with the Previse team. With the specific data provided by Esopredict™, GI specialists can now provide critical information to patients and health care providers, effectively managing risk of a future cancer diagnosis which could ultimately lead to lives.” Dr. Stephen Meltzer, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Previse.

Esopredict™ delivers timely and accurate risk predictions over a 5-year horizon and identifies changes in the DNA methylation levels of four genes, using a sample of a patient’s Barrett’s esophagus cells to provide a result report called the Esoscore™.

The Esoscore™ helps determine a patient’s future risk of getting esophageal cancer and will help gastroenterologists determine the appropriate treatment, steps, and surveillance needs for their patients with Barrett’s esophagus.

In addition to launching Esopredict™, Previse also raised a $3M seed round, with participation from TEDCO, Wexford Science and Technology, Riptide Ventures, Gaingels, and numerous angel investors.

“The Wexford ScitTech Venture Fund is proud to support innovative life science companies like Previse that are translating discoveries from the university laboratory to making a difference in the lives of people around the world,” said Thomas Osha, president of the fund and Executive Vice President, Wexford Science & Technology. “We believe in the Previse team, their innovative technology, and are pleased to make them the inaugural investment from our newly established fund,” Osha continued.

Previse will use the seed funding to rapidly expand commercial operations and to build prospective clinical utility research that is the cornerstone for creating broad insurance coverage and reimbursement for Esopredict™.

About Previse:

Previse is on a mission to save lives through the earlier detection and prevention of cancer, starting with esophageal cancer. They are actively working to get patients and healthcare providers the answers they need sooner by understanding and unlocking the power of biomarkers on cancer development and severity. Previse’s technology was made possible by grants from the National Institutes of Health (“NIH”) and developed after decades of research by the GI Early Detection Biomarker Lab at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

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