Powering Up the Future: Raises $33M for Enhanced EV-Grid Integration

Pioneering electric vehicle managed charging platform gears up for North American and European expansion

Key Takeaways:

  • secures a significant $33M Series B funding round, elevating total funded capital to $46M.
  • The round was led by National Grid Partners, featuring participation from other prominent investors.
  • With this funding, aims to create a pathway to connect millions of EVs, chargers, and drivers to their Virtual Power Plant.
  •’s software plays a crucial role in global vehicle-grid integration, with partnerships including industry leaders like National Grid and Volkswagen Group.
  • The company is set to extend its reach, aiming to gain access to an additional 400 million energy customers.


Founded in 2018, is on an unstoppable mission to transform the future of electric vehicle (EV) charging. As a leading provider of managed charging software, they aim to make charging simpler, greener, and cheaper for drivers globally. Their groundbreaking platform manages the charging of over 120,000 EVs daily, creating a more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable charging environment.

The Series B Funding: A Gateway to Further Expansion

The recently secured $33M Series B funding, led by National Grid Partners, sets the stage for’s broader ambitions. Aviva Ventures, WEX Venture Capital, and InMotion Ventures also participated in the round, providing additional support. This capital injection will enhance’s ability to connect electric vehicles to grid networks globally, integrating even more drivers, vehicles, and chargers into their Virtual Power Plant.

Nick Woolley,’s CEO, shed light on the importance of the funding round, saying, “As more EVs come online, optimized charging and load maintenance will remain critical tools for ensuring grid stability. With this funding, we can shape and control EV load, benefiting both the grid and helping drivers to charge using the greenest and cheapest energy.”

Envisioning a Greener Future

Since its inception, has worked tirelessly to develop smart, cloud-based platforms that optimize EV charging. With over 120,000 EV drivers across North America and the UK linked to’s Virtual Power Plant, the company aims to scale up its operations further. 2023 marked a significant year for, expanding into the solar market with SOLAR, introducing fleet management platform ‘Pando’, and adding Vehicle-to-Grid solutions to their VPP.

Bobby Kandaswamy, Senior Director of Pathfinding & Incubation Investments at National Grid Partners, praised’s growth, noting, “’s approach to providing a convenient, compelling experience for drivers to charge at home and on the road during grid-friendly times is essential for grid operators.”

Building Strategic Partnerships has created a prominent position for itself in the energy sector by building strong partnerships with industry leaders. These collaborations have helped utilities around North America and Europe tackle extreme weather conditions with innovative solutions. Through these alliances, is set to access millions of additional vehicles, expanding their network substantially.

Matthias Dill, CEO and Managing Partner of Energy Impact Partners, voiced his optimism for the partnership, saying, “ has a compelling value proposition that can be quickly deployed. It’s one of the most successful startup companies we’ve ever invested in when it comes to partnering with energy utilities.”

Mike Smeed, Managing Director at InMotion Ventures, also endorsed, saying, “Their market-leading technology, impressive list of partners, and ambitious roadmap are key reasons we participated in this latest round.”

Driving towards a Cleaner, Resilient Grid

Beyond improving grid stability, has shown its commitment to social and environmental change. The company is a certified B Corp, operating as a carbon-negative business for the past two years. This latest funding is an affirmation of’s commitment to making EV charging greener, cheaper, and smarter, aiding the global drive towards decarbonization and electrification of transport and energy.

The road to a sustainable, electric future is illuminated by pioneers like, creating efficient solutions that are both economically beneficial and environmentally friendly. Their efforts truly represent a stride forward in our quest for a greener tomorrow.

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