Plant-based sweet dark chocolate bar, Macalat, offers velvety smooth texture and mouthwatering taste without any sugar or sugar substitutes

The Macalat Company ( launches a new chocolate brand: Macalat®, the first organic, sugar free sweet dark chocolate on the market. It’s the advent of a new chocolate subcategory entering the market: organic sweet dark chocolate. The innovative new brand has evolved from incubation and test marketing to the current seed capital and distribution stage. The initial launch of Macalat® has begun in the southeast region of the US.

The new president of the company is Lisa Ellis. Ellis invested seed capital and facilitated moving the brand into the next phase of business. According to Ellis, “Macalat® production and fulfillment have been relocated and meticulously scaled in Ferndale, Michigan by Birmingham Chocolate to facilitate the rollout of the new category.”

She further explains: “It has taken a year to put in place, test and implement the program. There are unique process technologies and recipe inclusions for the sweet smooth elixir that are true innovations in the chocolate sector. From eliminating bitterness to getting rid of sugar to tempering like the finest couverture chocolates. These innovations do not fit typical bean to bar operations and their tooling. The innovations even include automation for true chocolate-friendly wrapping of foil and sleeve to protect the delicious confection.”

According to Ellis, the Macalat® test marketing phase online brought in hundreds of five-star reviews and repeat customers. The brand has proven popular with Keto diets as it has zero net carbs and is sugar free. Diabetics are reporting good A1C readings. Moms are applauding wholesome chocolate for kids without sugar. Superfoodies have found a favorite. Chefs like the sugar free couverture chocolate. A handful of retail outlets demonstrated the brand’s viability of holding the retail space for more than five years without a price promotion. Reportedly, repeat business proved strong and reliable for Macalat®. The organic supply chain proved consistent, reliable and viable. Ellis is enthusiastic about the potential.

“The Macalat® brand is challenging conventional wisdom about the dark chocolate category. No longer does dark chocolate need to be bitter or need sugar in the formulation. That means pseudo sugars like coconut sugar, which is still sugar, have no place. Being certified organic means there is absolutely nothing artificial or phony in the recipe. The bar is plant based and produced without dairy. Finally, dark chocolate that tastes great for even kids without the sugar.

Dark Chocolate is a known superfood, true throughout history, even before the addition of sugar and milk. 70% cacao means there is not much room left for sugar in the recipe. Dark chocolate, with sugar included, is still bitter. Many consumers want to eat dark chocolate because it is better for them, but really don’t like the bitterness.

In response, Macalat® is critically formulated with nutrient dense superfoods to sweeten and balance the harsh tastes of acetic acid and aldehydes that form during the fermentation stage of all cacao. It does so without the least bit of sugar whatsoever. There is simply no need for sugar! One of the innovations in the recipe is a marvelous mushroom extract that works to mitigate this unpleasantness that sugar seeks to hide. The company says, “Tasting is believing!” Macalat® five-star reviews back it up, as does the company’s money back guarantee.

Lisa Ellis purchased the brand a year ago from incubator status and started The Macalat Company in Durham, NC. She launched the brand at the recent Expo East in Philadelphia where the brand was well received. She is spearheading the efforts to position the brand as the most significant improvement in chocolate formulation since Hershey launched milk chocolate. The brand is slated to go into the Earth Fare chain this Spring.

The company expects to seek the first round of financing for management and growth by late 2023 as modeling comes into focus from the initial rollout.

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