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Key Takeaways

  1. inploi, a leading talent attraction technology scale-up, successfully raised £1.35m in a seed round to fuel its growth team and GTM strategy for their SaaS product.
  2. The company plans to expand its operations into the US market.
  3. Despite the pandemic, inploi successfully transitioned from a labor marketplace to a SaaS platform, partnering with high-profile customers like wagamama, Haven, Butlin’s, and Compass Group UK & Ireland.
  4. Recognizing the power of AI, inploi is leveraging it to streamline the recruitment process, allowing humans to focus on the human aspects of hiring.

A New Era for HR Tech

Inploi is changing the game of talent attraction. Born from the shared frustration of its founders with the substandard HR tech options, the company launched in 2016 and has since emerged as a groundbreaking SaaS platform. It’s currently paving the way for intuitive, frictionless, and user-friendly recruitment experiences. By combining software with service, inploi is transforming the way organizations hire and how candidates apply for opportunities.

The founders’ innovative approach and sheer determination led to the company’s transition from a marketplace to a successful enterprise SaaS-model, particularly during the pandemic. Recognizing the growing demand for front-line workers, they made their platform freely accessible, demonstrating agility and strategic foresight.

The company’s CEO, Matt de le Hey, encapsulates their journey by saying, “We’re grateful to new and existing investors who have backed us as we switch gears from finding product-market fit to scaling. Our unique approach of augmenting and modernizing existing systems rather than replacing them – in addition to the close relationships we develop with customers as an innovation partner – has yielded extraordinary results, leading to 100% of our customers renewing across multi-year agreements.”

Nurturing Partnerships, Boosting Growth

The company’s growth is fueled by its impressive roster of enterprise clients, which includes notable names such as wagamama, Haven, Butlin’s, Compass Group UK & Ireland, and A.S. Watson Group, the world’s largest international health & beauty retailer.

Ziyaad Aboobaker, a partner at 10x Value Partners, lauds the inploi team for their agility and ability to innovate. He says, “The inploi team exhibited amazing agility in pivoting their model to providing software as a service, and is now partnered with a growing number of major blue-chip brands. inploi’s solution is perfectly positioned to address one of the biggest challenges facing companies today – attracting the people they need to operate effectively in an historically tight labour market – bringing the latest technology to an outdated market ripe for innovation.”

Harnessing AI, Embracing Diversity

Besides its innovative SaaS platform, inploi prides itself on its commitment to accessibility and diversity. Leveraging AI, inploi streamlines the recruitment process, thus empowering humans to focus on human aspects of hiring. Moreover, they have also been proactive in making their platform accessible for neuro-divergent individuals, thus promoting inclusivity and diversity in the workforce.

Alex Hanson-Smith, inploi’s CTPO and cofounder, highlights this saying, “We’re increasingly using AI to empower humans to focus on the human aspects of hiring, with machines handling the rest. We also have a deep commitment to accessibility and fairness: it goes without saying that nobody should be barred from opportunities by recruitment processes that are inaccessible.”

The Road Ahead: U.S. Expansion

With a successful seed funding round of £1.35m, inploi is set to accelerate its GTM strategy and develop its growth team. The company plans to take its innovative recruitment solutions to the U.S. market, thereby expanding its global footprint.

As inploi continues its growth trajectory, the recruitment industry eagerly awaits the positive impact of its innovative SaaS offering, heralding a new era in HR tech and talent attraction.

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