Pashoot Robotics Closes Pre-Seed Funding

Pashoot Robotics, a leading provider in contextual robotics for manufacturing, has announced the successful completion of its pre-seed funding round, raising $1.5 million from private investors and the Israeli Innovation Authority grant. The funds will be used to further develop the company’s innovative technology and make robotic automation accessible to a broader range of users.

Co-founders Ron Fridental (CEO) and Dr. Mica Arie-Nachimson (CTO) bring decades of experience in Edge AI and Computer Vision. Fridental is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record, that co-founded Sightic Vista, a camera chip maker whose clients included Samsung, LG, and Fujitsu. The company was later acquired by Broadcom. Fridental has also served as the CTO of a large international technology center (Yi), managing global teams. Mica Arie-Nachimson, holding a PhD from the Weizmann Institute of Science in computer vision and AI, focused on 3D reconstruction from 2D images in her thesis. Dr. Arie-Nachimson has developed computer vision AI technology that has been implemented in millions of consumer cameras worldwide.

Pashoot Robotics aims to tap into a market of over $600 billion by using AI to replace manual engineering automation processes, removing its entry barrier. The company’s focus is on developing flexible, fast, and affordable robotic automation solutions that cater to SMEs and high-mix production that currently have no real answer.

“We’re excited to have secured this funding to continue developing our disruptive technology and make automation accessible to everyone, everywhere,” said Ron Fridental, CEO of Pashoot Robotics.

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