OurX Brings Overdue Technology and Personalization to Textured Hair Care

OurX, a first-to-market, data-tech platform with the mission to bring personalized, high-performance innovation to the underserved textured hair consumer, launches today. OurX provides an individualized system of personalized regimens, one-on-one hair coaching, education, and community support to take the guesswork out of hair care.

Veteran music executive, investor, and board member Ceci Kurzman developed the business plan for OurX in response to the lack of investment, innovation, and data focused on textured hair. Kurzman was frustrated that business model innovations that were commonplace in the general market have been slow to include this powerful category of textured-hair consumers.

“Presently, hair care remains segregated in the beauty and personal care industry, with solutions for those with textured hair remaining separate and unequal,” says Kurzman, founder of OurX. “While celebrating the many powerful brands already shaping this category, OurX endeavors to use proven data to combat an oversimplified, one-size-fits-all view of the textured hair consumer.”

With a seed round led by Reign Ventures, OurX set out to build an intentionally diverse investor base. Additional mission-aligned angel investors include some of the most successful female entrepreneurs from the beauty and tech industries.

“We celebrate the visionaries at OurX who have unlocked a realm of personalized regimens, expert coaching, and transformative education for the diverse and intricate world of highly textured hair,” add Monique Mosley and Erica Duignan Minnihan, General Partners of Reign Ventures. “Their commitment to empowering individuals with tailored solutions sets a new standard in the industry, amplifying inclusivity and fostering genuine self-expression.”

OurX will leverage advanced AI and proprietary algorithms to deliver an unparalleled, personalized digital experience through content, coaching, and interactive education. Users will access OurX initially through its web-based app on and take an in-depth assessment that collects comprehensive data touchpoints, from their hair and scalp attributes to their lifestyle and preferences. The assessment includes a series of at-home hair health tests and personalized educational prompts that are responsive to the user’s inputs. The analysis of this data, combined with the input of certified hair experts, provide consumers with a daily regimen and insights on how to achieve optimal hair health.

The consumer’s personalized OurX regimen includes a curation of high-performance treatment-based products, developed by OurX specifically for textured hair to achieve hair and scalp health. OurX products are formulated to work together, with each product boosting the efficacy of the others in a streamlined regimen. Featuring skin-care inspired ingredients like hyaluronic acid and squalane, combined with innovative ingredients such as AI-created peptides, OurX provides access to safer, science-backed and effective products engineered for the textured-hair consumer.

Leading style and education for OurX is Johnny Wright, a stylist with over 30 years of experience to some of the most well known (and healthiest) heads of hair including Michelle Obama, Kerry Washington, and Tamron Hall. The OurX expert team also includes Harvard-educated and board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jenna Lester, founder of the Skin of Color program at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).

About OurX

OurX is a full-service solution for achieving and maintaining optimal hair health. It addresses the unmet needs of tightly textured consumers who have been underserved when it comes to premium, technology-driven haircare solutions—despite being highly engaged and active in the general market.

Backed by science and a thriving community of experts and users, OurX creates personalized programs for total scalp and hair wellness.Through tailored product regimens, expert advice and education, and community support, OurX empowers consumers with textured hair to understand their hair’s unique needs, taking the guesswork out of hair care.

How It Works

Users access an in-depth hair assessment to answer questions about their hair, scalp, lifestyle, current routine, environments, and preferences. The OurX assessment includes a series of guided at-home video-based tests to provide an even more accurate read on their hair and scalp attributes. Throughout the entire experience, users receive feedback and educational information based on their answers.

Leveraging proprietary algorithms, OurX analyzes the user’s data to build a daily care regimen of OurX products, including personalized usage instructions. In addition, the user is assigned a dedicated hair coach to help them throughout their hair journey, whether by reviewing progress or providing one-on-one expert guidance via video calls. Through the OurX web-based app, email, and SMS, users receive a curated feed of educational content relevant to their specific hair needs and goals.

OurX’s comprehensive hair and scalp health solutions incorporate education, personalized regimens, and curated, high-performance products. This 360 approach to hair care ensures that each individual can attain and maintain lasting hair and scalp health.

Data Index

Highly textured hair consumers are still underserved in an oversaturated beauty market. Contributing to this is a lack of precise, longitudinal data to demonstrate their diverse, specific needs and preferences. To address this challenge, OurX is leveraging their insights to create the first data index on textured hair, providing much-needed insights and knowledge on the power of this consumer. The first Data Index will be released in Q1 2024


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