Nature Coatings Raises $2.45 Million to Transform Industries with Bio-Based Solutions

Biochemicals Pioneer Accelerates Growth and Expansion of Bio-Based Alternatives with Funding from Regeneration.VC and The 22 Fund

Key Takeaways

  • Investment Success: Nature Coatings successfully secures $2.45 million in Seed funding, led by Regeneration.VC and The 22 Fund, with participation from prominent figures like Leonardo DiCaprio, Safer Made, and Portfolia.
  • Revolutionizing Industry: BioBlack TX, Nature Coatings’ groundbreaking carbon-negative alternative to petroleum-based carbon black, receives global recognition and adoption by renowned fashion brands including those within the Kering Group and Levi’s.
  • Expansion Plans: The funding empowers Nature Coatings to expand manufacturing capabilities, fortify the senior team, and establish a global distribution network for BioBlack TX.

Unveiling a Greener Tomorrow

The trajectory of industries is poised for transformation with Nature Coatings, a leading biochemicals company championing the conversion of waste materials into bio-based, renewable, and sustainable solutions. The company proudly announces the successful completion of an oversubscribed $2.45 million Seed funding round. Regeneration.VC and The 22 Fund spearheaded this investment, with notable support from environmental advocate Leonardo DiCaprio, Safer Made, and Portfolia.

This significant funding milestone arrives on the heels of Nature Coatings’ landmark achievement – the launch of their flagship product, BioBlack TX. This innovation stands as a carbon-negative alternative to conventional, polluting, and toxic petroleum-derived carbon black. Distinctively bio-based, BioBlack TX introduces a novel black pigment sourced from FSC-certified wood waste. Its impressive credentials have gained global acclaim, finding favor with prominent fashion brands such as Kering Group, Levi’s, Bestseller’s Jack & Jones and Selected HOMME, as well as Vollebak.

With a career spanning over two decades in the pigment and dyes industry, Nature Coatings’ Founder and CEO, Jane Palmer, is a driving force behind the company’s vision. Her dedication to revolutionizing the industry and aligning chemical processes with nature’s harmony inspired the creation of Nature Coatings. In her words, “Our vision is to create a future where the chemical industry operates in harmony with nature, and this new investment will take us closer to our goal.”

A Confluence of Visionaries

Regeneration.VC and The 22 Fund, renowned investment firms, rallied behind Nature Coatings in their pursuit of transformation. Regeneration.VC specializes in supporting visionary businesses that offer sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternatives, while The 22 Fund directs its focus towards investing in women and BIPOC-owned cleantech-based manufacturing and exporting companies.

Dan Fishman, General Partner at Regeneration.VC, shares his enthusiasm, “Jane and the Nature Coatings team are reshaping the chemical industry, and we are excited to support their journey.” Tracy Gray from The 22 Fund concurs, “We invest in cleantech manufacturing companies to deliver high returns on investment and create clean, quality jobs. We are excited to support Jane Palmer and Nature Coatings in their next growth phase.”

Leonardo DiCaprio, renowned actor and environmentalist, adds his voice to the cause, “Nature Coatings offers a bio-based, long-term solution that can be translated across many industries, contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable environment. I am excited to join as an investor and support the company’s growth that will enable brands to adopt safer practices, while also educating consumers on more sustainable products.”

Paving the Path Forward

The recent influx of capital empowers Nature Coatings to propel the adoption of BioBlack TX to new heights. By expanding manufacturing capabilities, bolstering the senior team, and establishing a global distribution network, the company is positioned to create a far-reaching impact.

With its inception dating back to 2017, Nature Coatings’ journey has been marked by innovation and resilience. The pinnacle of their innovation, BioBlack TX, not only champions environmental sustainability by eliminating fossil fuels and sequestering carbon dioxide but also emphasizes human well-being. The product is free from Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) and carcinogens, containing less than 0.1% of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Cost-competitive and high-performing, BioBlack TX empowers companies to embrace decarbonization and regulatory compliance. Its applications extend beyond textiles to industries like paint, automotive, and package printing.

A Collage of Support

Nature Coatings’ journey is paved with collaborations, with previous investors including Fashion for Good, Apex Black Ltd, BESTSELLER’s HEARTLANDS A/S, Textile Innovation Fund, and Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI) Impact Fund.

About Nature Coatings

Nature Coatings is a pioneering startup that challenges traditional chemical industry norms by offering bio-based, renewable solutions derived from waste materials. Their marquee offering, BioBlack TX, serves as a carbon-negative alternative to petroleum-derived carbon black. Certified by FSC®, OEKO-TEX®, USDA BioPreferred, and listed on ZDHC Gateway 3.0, BioBlack TX promises sustainability, responsible sourcing, and a cleaner future.

About Regeneration.VC

Regeneration.VC catalyzes consumer-powered climate innovation through early-stage venture funding. With a focus on circular and regenerative principles, the firm invests in Consumer ClimateTech companies across various sectors including AgTech, Aquaculture, Next-Gen Materials, Apparel & Lifestyle, Food & Beverage brands, Recommerce, and Reverse Logistics.

About The 22 Fund

The 22 Fund champions tech-based, clean/climate tech, and sustainable U.S. manufacturing companies. Their investments create international sales opportunities and contribute to the creation of clean, quality jobs in underserved and low- and moderate-income communities. The firm actively supports female- and BIPOC-led ventures to achieve both high return on investment and substantial social and economic impact.

For More Information

To explore Nature Coatings’ impact on transforming industries with bio-based solutions, please visit As the company continues its journey of innovation, their commitment to a sustainable, harmonious future remains unwavering. Through the combined efforts of passionate visionaries and innovative technology, Nature Coatings envisions a world where sustainable solutions redefine industries.

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