Mi Alma, the Online Support Platform for Grievers, Closes $1.5M Pre-Seed Funding Round

Mi Alma, a website reimagining how we support those experiencing grief and loss, announces its completion of a $1.5 million pre-seed funding round.

The company, founded by husband and wife team Scott and Jordan Arogeti, acts as both a centralized support registry (streamlining everything from meal trains to donations) and an online home for photos, stories, and memories to be kept safe (and added to) forever. The company is celebrating the investment’s impact both internally and in terms of the company’s continued growth and leadership at the intersection of grief support and technology.

Every investor participating in this round was inspired to invest by very personal experiences centered around the emotional and logistical challenges during loss, offering a new perspective on the term “Angel Investor”. Investors include Founder Michael Gossling and his wife June, PlayOn! Sports Founder David Rudolph and his wife Kristine, Marketwake Founder Brooke MacLean, Real Estate Developer and Philanthropist Michael Staenberg, and Terminus Founder Eric Spett.

“While grief is a universal part of the human experience, we believe the tools available to both Grievers and those that want to support them are antiquated and insufficient” said Scott. “It’s time for a modern piece of empathetic technology to change the status quo, and we’re here to be just that. Beyond the financial investment, the support and confidence from our investors reaffirms our belief that there is a serious need for the work Mi Alma does to bring order amidst the chaos of loss. Our mission is to continue to create a better space for families to provide clear direction and tools for all of their needs; whether arranging food, coordinating volunteers, or collecting pictures, stories, and memories of the deceased from everyone that knew them.”

Says Jordan Arogeti, “We created Mi Alma from the perspectives of both a Griever and a Supporter. Scott and I have experienced loss ourselves, and simply wanted a place to point people towards so that others could learn about how special our person was. This round of funding is further confirmation that others who have filled both of those roles as well are ready to see that change – and be part of it!”

Investors echo the connection to Mi Alma’s mission that extends beyond their financial investment: “We lost our son Grant to a childhood cancer called Neuroblastoma seven years ago”, said June Gossling. “He was our 4th of 5 children, and it was a very difficult time for our family. Having a platform like Mi Alma to easily organize the support around us, both for our family and those that took charge when we needed it most, would have been a blessing. While we didn’t have Mi Alma then, it was important to us that other families have this during their time of need”.

“I’ve experienced a great deal of loss and each time I am blown away by how confusing the process is – figuring out meals, coordinating services, and trying to remember the stories people tell me. It’s hard to do well and can certainly feel overwhelming. This is why I was excited about Mi Alma’s story and platform. To have the ability to not only coordinate food, meals, giving, etc. but to have one place to gather stories and pictures from friends and family is a gift, both now and for future generations”, said Marketwake Founder & CEO Brooke MacLean.

With the success of their first round of funding under their belts and new users discovering Mi Alma daily, the company continues its expansion by meeting grievers where they already are. Partnerships are in place with synagogues and hospice organizations nationwide as Mi Alma continues to usher in a new and better way to face life support families experiencing loss.

About Mi Alma:

Mi Alma is an online support service modernizing how communities support families experiencing the loss of a loved one. When a loved one is either in late stage decline or has passed, supporters want to help. Through a Mi Alma page, families provide clear direction of the support they need, whether it be direct funds, a meal train or help with third party meals or groceries, or even volunteering for day-to-day activities. Providing donations in honor of the deceased to causes near and dear to the families heart is also made easier by a Mi Alma page. Families want to learn about their loved one through the eyes of everyone that knew them. Mi Alma facilitates this by allowing the community to post pictures, stories, memories, or prepared remarks about that loved one, with all content available forever.

About Arogeti Endeavors:

Arogeti Endeavors was created to advise, invest in and build start-ups. With years of helping other companies under its belt, Arogeti Endeavors recently launched a startup of its own own, Mi Alma. Arogeti Endeavors is founded by the husband-and-wife team of Scott Arogeti and Jordan Arogeti who have a collective 25+ years of experience, including tenures with four tech Unicorns (Salesloft, Stord, Rubicon, and PlayOn! Sports) in Atlanta. Their background also includes time at IMG/WME (Jordan), one of the largest talent and sports-marketing agencies in the world, and The White House Office of Public Liaison under President George W. Bush (Scott). For more information, visit

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The tools available to Grievers and their supporters are antiquated and insufficient. It’s time for a modern piece of empathetic technology. The fact that so many investors and partners recognize this opportunity and share our vision is validating.” – Mi Alma Co-Founder and CEO Scott Arogeti

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