Littlebird Connected Care Announces Ex-MIRROR Executive Kristie D’Ambrosio-Correll Joining as Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder

Little bird Connected Care, Inc., announced today that Kristie D’Ambrosio-Correll, former executive at MIRROR, will join the company as its Chief Technology Officer. D’Ambrosio-Correll ran engineering, product, manufacturing and supply chain through the Lululemon Corporation’s $500 million acquisition of MIRROR until January of this year. D’Ambrosio-Correll will also become Littlebird Co-founder alongside Founder and Chief Executive Officer Monica Plath who started the company in Spring 2020.

Currently in pre-Seed, Littlebird leads the Connected Care category, with its innovative and secure digital platform to provide safety, health and well-being information and ensure smooth communication and a positive experience for better connected parents, caregivers and children. Littlebird’s award-winning flagship product, the Littlebird Toddler CareTracker, is the first Bluetooth, Cellular, and GPS enabled biometric device for children ages 1-6 and is currently in a sold-out. There will be a special release benefiting Littlebird’s YMCA partnership later this month. The company received a patent for its Bluetooth Chain of Custody “Connected Care Tether” technology January 3rd, 2023.

“Kristie brings over a decade of engineering leadership across a diverse range of startups. Littlebird is ready for a big 2023 – and we will be announcing our much anticipated Seed round and strategic partnerships soon. Kristie’s expertise in creating highly-reliable, innovative technologies at scale will help us achieve those ambitions,” said Littlebird Founder and CEO Monica Plath. “On a personal note, I look forward to Kristie’s partnership and tackling the big picture together.”

“Monica and the team have put Littlebird in position to be the first and only device dedicated to the well-being of toddlers and children under 6 years old. It is as unfathomable that no one is serving that age group today as it is exciting for me to be part of the team that is setting the high bar for Connected Care, said Kristie D’Ambrosio-Correll, Littlebird Co-founder and CTO. “The huge market potential for the segment along with the higher purpose of better connecting families and caregivers make this a dream opportunity for me. I am excited to partner with Monica whose vision, creativity and tenacity have positioned Littlebird to have a meaningful impact on the quality of care for children everywhere.”

Pre-Seed Littlebird is a 2x award-winning, patented Toddler wearable + Connected Care ecosystem, the last remaining biometric greenspace. The team involved has a collective experience totaling more than $4 Billion in consumer product exits and was recently listed as one of the Top 5 Start-ups in Seattle. In 2022, Littlebird was selected for the Geekwire Award’s “Inventions we Love”, Fast Company’s Wellness & Design Innovation Award Finalist, and an Innovation Award from Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association, among other accolades.

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About Littlebird

Seattle based Littlebird believes that building better connections and providing greater communication will lead to better results for you, your caregiver, and child. Littlebird’s state-of-the-art wearable device connects parents with their child anywhere, anytime, with on-demand information about who they are with, where they are located, what they are doing, and how they are feeling.

Littlebird’s innovative technology and secure digital platform offers parents unique insights into their child’s safety, health and overall well-being. Littlebird’s 24/7 GPS and cellular connectivity enables up-to-date notifications regarding your child’s location, which “approved” caregiver they are with and what they are doing. Littlebird also provides key metrics regarding your child’s heartrate, daily activity, sleep patterns and much more so you can better understand your child’s specific needs. The intuitively designed app also provides a private chat with photo capabilities connecting you and your caregiver(s) so you never miss a moment of your toddler’s day.


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