Leader in Lived Experience Data, DashLX, Announces Series Seed Funding

DashLX, formerly known as PWR Lab, has closed on a Series-Seed investment round of $2.5M led by Sonoran Founders Fund and secondarily by EPIC Ventures, joined by BaseLayer Ventures, Arizona Venture Development Corporation, Accelerator Ventures, New Mexico Vintage Fund, and others. Dan Burns of Sonoran Founders Fund and John Paul Milciunas of Baselayer Ventures will join company CEO and Co-Founder Adam Stepanovic on the company’s board.

Effectively engaging with consumers is critical, yet is increasingly frustrated by first-party data limitations and restrictions. Brands are data rich, yet insights are poor. DashLX enables companies to leverage wearable technology data (with user permission) to help brands and organizations innovate products, drive sales and deepen customer engagement. Specifically, Lived Experience (LX) data translates our physical experience into the digital world. Its solutions feature hyper-personalization and authentic community building experiences, powering improved sales, marketing, R&D and product development.

“Our cutting-edge technology is reshaping how brands interact with consumers, building trust and creating lasting relationships,” said Stepanovic.

“As technology veterans, we are 100% behind using data meaningfully, but we’re also adamant about data privacy,” says Romi Dhillon, CEO, co-founder and managing partner of the Sonoran Founders Fund. “This latest round represents an additional increase in our investment in this promising company and their offering. The technology is stellar, and we believe in the balanced, strong management team that DashLX has assembled. We’re proud that our growing investment, and those of our co-funders, will continue to build this offering and generate meaningful results for customers.”

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About DashLX

DashLX leverages Lived Experience (LX) data to create authentic community building experiences, informing improved products, relevant product recommendations, effective outreach and two-way engagement. Access to LX, with user permission, empowers brands to elevate and personalize products, experiences, services and outcomes at scale. Learn more at

About Sonoran Founders Fund

The Sonoran Founders Fund (SoFF) is a seed stage venture capital fund based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Led by seasoned technology leaders and investors, the fund is dedicated to investing in underserved technology entrepreneurs across Arizona, Southern California, Nevada, New Mexico, parts of Texas and the surrounding Southwest. SoFF was launched by the same esteemed team that created the Arizona Founders Fund and grew it to its current place as the most active venture firm in Arizona. SoFF is focussed on its founders and providing maximum returns to all involved. To learn more, please visit

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