KR1 plc – Investments: HydraDX, Superchain, Argent, Metaprime

KR1 plc (KR1:AQSE), a leading digital asset investment company, is pleased to announce that the Company has made a number of investments, both into existing projects demonstrating strong progress, and into new opportunities.

HydraDX (and Basilisk)

The Company has invested a total of US$250,000 into the strategic funding round of HydraDX (“HDX”), a follow on investment after KR1 previously participated in the project’s seed funding round as announced on 22 December 2020. Across both investment rounds the Company received a total of 54,363,295.88 HDX tokens as well as 450,001,000 Basilisk (“BSX”) tokens.

KR1 has also received 45,248,493.45 HDX and 735,000,233.73 BSX to date from the Company’s contributions to the projects’ parachain auctions, as announced on 21 February 2022 and 22 September 2021, respectively. The Company also expects further HDX rewards throughout the remaining duration of HydraDX’s parachain lease.

After the investments and parachain auction rewards to date, the Company currently holds a total of  99,611,772.96 HDX and 1,185,001,283.00 BSX.

HydraDX (and its sister project Basilisk) are cross-chain liquidity protocols designed to enable frictionless liquidity for crypto assets across various chains. In contrast to most decentralised exchanges that rely on separate pools for separate assets, HydraDX’s solution enables deposits of ‘all’ assets into one shared liquidity pool, the ‘Omnipool’, unlocking unparalleled efficiencies.


The Company has invested US$400,000 into Superchain in return for yet-to-be-determined amount of Superchain tokens.

Superchain is building an open index protocol that will be able to collect and customise blockchain data within minutes, which enables builders to create faster decentralised applications.


Argent Labs Limited (“Argent”), a simple and secure mobile crypto wallet and a portfolio company of KR1, has successfully raised a US$40 million ‘Series B’ fundraising round, issuing ‘Series B Preferred Shares’. The funding round was led by Fabric Ventures and Metaplanet and was joined by existing investors, including KR1.

KR1 invested US$220,661 in return for 6,357 ‘Series B Preferred Shares’ and currently still holds 31,512 ‘Ordinary Shares’ in Argent from the Company’s initial seed investment in Argent as announced on 4 April 2018.


The Company has invested US$150,000 into Metaprime in return for a yet-to-be-determined amount of Metaprime tokens.

Metaprime is building an open metaverse blockchain on Kusama, aiming to become a toolbox for Web3 developers featuring metaverse token standards, metadata standards, marketplaces, oracles and others.

“We continue to see innovative and disruptive early-stage projects that represent strong investment opportunities, despite the ongoing crypto bear market and difficult macroeconomic market conditions. As such, we are excited to have invested in Superchain and Metaprime, which we believe have the potential to become disruptive market leaders in their categories. We have also increased our commitment to HydraDX and Argent as we believe they represent the best in class for their categories and have been impressed with each team’s performance to date.” said Keld van Schreven, Managing Director and Co-Founder of KRI.

The Directors of KR1 plc accept responsibility for this announcement.

About KR1 plc

KR1 plc is a leading digital asset investment company supporting early-stage decentralised and open source blockchain projects. Founded in 2016 and publicly traded in London on the AQSE Growth Market (KR1:AQSE), KR1 has one of the longest and most successful track records of investment in the digital assets space by investing in decentralised platforms and protocols that are emerging to form new financial and internet infrastructures.

Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) Disclosure

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