JustPaid Launches AI-Powered Finance Tools for Small Businesses

JustPaid, an AI-Powered Finance Company, Launches Suite of Services with $3.5 Million Seed Funding

Key Takeaways:

  • JustPaid, an AI-powered finance company, has officially launched its suite of services after successfully raising $3.5 million in a seed funding round. The company specializes in providing small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with automated bill payment, contract validation, and real-time AI financial auditing solutions.
  • The seed funding round attracted notable investors, including Rebel Fund, led by Reddit co-founder Steve Huffman and Cruise co-founder Daniel Kan, as well as other prominent tech figures. JustPaid aims to simplify and democratize the financial management of company operators, providing them with cash flow visibility, financial insights, and analytics, all powered by AI.

Revolutionizing Financial Management for Small Businesses

JustPaid aims to revolutionize financial management for SMBs by offering an AI-powered platform that provides continuous audits between contracts and bills, enabling small business operators to receive and track payments, gain financial insights through analytics, and identify opportunities. The platform is designed to streamline workflows, eliminating the need for manual processes and scattered software solutions.

Co-founder Daniel Kivatinos, a second-time Y Combinator founder, expressed excitement about bringing JustPaid to market and emphasized the importance of providing company operators with a usable dashboard for cash flow visibility and financial insights in real time. Co-founder Anelya Grant, a second-time founder who built a successful tech-focused accounting firm, shared her personal struggle with fragmented workflows and the challenges of answering critical financial questions. Co-founder Vinay Pinnaka, motivated by the struggles startups face in managing expenses and recognizing revenue, aimed to develop a tool to help companies gain control over their finances.

Tapping into the Growing Fintech Market for SMBs

JustPaid targets a significant market opportunity in the small and medium-sized business segment. The fintech software market for SMBs is valued at over $5 billion, with ample room for automation and AI-driven solutions to transform financial controllers’ work. provides more information about the company and its suite of services. For updates and insights, follow JustPaid on YouTube.

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