Helika Closes $4M Seed Funding Round To Expand Analytics Product Offering For Web3

Helika, a Web3 gaming and NFT analytics platform, has announced the successful close of its $4 million seed funding round to scale product and marketing analytics for Web3. The funding round was led by Diagram Ventures, with participation from Sfermion, Sparkle Ventures, Big Brain Holdings, Fenbushi, and Builder Capital.

“We’re confident with our investment in Helika as they’ve shown impressive customer traction within NFT communities and with large game studios in a short amount of time,” said Ken Nguyen, Head of Crypto at Diagram Ventures. “We see Helika at the forefront of a rapidly evolving industry, and believe its innovative technology and forward-thinking approach position the company for significant growth in the years to come.”

Most companies in Web3 struggle to make data-driven decisions to drive growth. Helika’s no-code platform with integrated in-game, on-chain and social media analytics allows companies to understand their user’s behavior and interactions to increase engagement, retention, user acquisition, and make better strategic decisions. The platform offers a suite of powerful products allowing Helika clients such as Yuga Labs and Treasure to gather sales and royalty data, analyze user wallet activity, onboard new users, and determine optimal mint pricing for future NFT drops.

“We are thrilled to have the support of such a strong group of investors as we continue to build out our platform and expand our data sources,” said Anton Umnov, Founder and CEO of Helika. “This funding round will enable us to grow our team, improve our product, connect more sources of data from other blockchains, and continue to gather insights to share with the Web3 community.”

The lack of visibility on reach, retention, and revenue of NFT collections has been a major challenge for many web3 gaming studios and popular NFT projects.  Helika’s platform provides these insights so that top web3 companies can make informed, strategic decisions.

Helika’s $4 million seed funding round will enable the company to expand its operations and develop its platform to better serve the Web3 community.

About Helika

Helika is a web3 technology platform that delivers real-time analytics and onboards new users to gaming studios and popular NFT collections. With a focus on integrated analytics from Web2, in-game, on-chain and social media data, Helika helps top Web3 brands such as Yuga labs and Treasure to understand their communities, increase user acquisition and engagement, and drive overall growth with a data-driven approach.

Helika is backed by top VC firms including Diagram Ventures, Sfermion, Sparkle Ventures, Big Brain Holdings, Fenbushi and Builder Capital.

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