Hawke Ventures Leads $3m Seed Round For Los Angeles-based Superfiliate

Hawke Ventures, a Seed Fund focusing on emerging commerce enablement technologies, is announcing their $25M Fund 2 last year with anchor Banc of California and is extremely active in deploying over $5M towards deals in 2022 and 2023.

Hawke Ventures has seen explosive growth in the past six months leading to the $3M Seed Fund round for Los Angeles-based Superfilliate. Many prominent investors are joining Hawke Ventures in this round including Ventana Capital, R2 Ventures, Rest Seed Fund, Sandbox Studio Investments, Nick Sharma of Sharma Brands, Ben from Super Angel, Chris Quinn, and more.

Los Angeles-based company, Superfiliate is best known for re-writing the story on word-of-mouth marketing and is already working with notable brands like Dr. Squatch, Kinder Beauty, and Millie Bobby Brown’s makeup brand Florence by Mills, to power hyper-personalized storefronts for existing customers and affiliates of a given brand. This new approach to powering referrals in e-commerce adds robust engagement and boosted conversion rate capabilities for brands.

CEO of Superfiliate, Andy Cloyd puts it like this, “With the rise of the creator economy and proliferation of short-form video, the way people discover products and shop has transformed entirely in the last five years, but the technology at a brand’s disposal have not evolved in-step. We’re building a platform native to new e-commerce paradigms that empower creators and help brands consolidate disparate tools into one easy-to-use app that is consistent with the brand aesthetic that merchants spend years crafting.”

Hawke Media, the fastest-growing media consultancy in the US, founded Hawke Ventures to help diligence and quickly grow investments in the commerce enablement space due to their proximity to leading marketing efforts for brands. The diligence process for investing in companies includes making client introductions, building out marketing service capabilities within internal teams with portfolio companies, and educating an entire company of 200+ employees on best practices for engaging with clients on new investments.

Erik Huberman, CEO and Founder of Hawke Media, says “Superfiliate has created something incredibly needed and special. Companies are quickly trying to identify how to maximize their returns on their marketing, and what Superfiliate has created is a great answer to that need. We are very excited to be a part of that journey.”

About Hawke Ventures

Hawke Ventures is an early-stage venture fund that invests $50k$2M in martech, ad tech, and ecomm tech. They focus on growing US-based companies in the pre-seed or seed stage that have gained quantifiable traction in their market. Hawke Ventures co-invests alongside prominent angel and venture capital lead investors. GP includes founders of Hawke Media Erik Huberman & Tony Delmercado and Managing Partner Drew Leahy. In addition to investing, it also operates a venture fellows program for our fund focusing on training


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