Goldenset Collective Comes Out Of Stealth with $10M+ Seed Round To Build Platform To Invest In Creators To Help Them Grow Their Evolving Businesses

Goldenset Collective, a new platform making equity investments in digital creator businesses, announced its $10 million seed round led by A.Capital and Lerer Hippeau with participation from Kevin Durant’s Thirty Five Ventures. In exchange for stakes in talent-led businesses, Goldenset is investing both cash and services to help scale these nascent companies.

Goldenset is co-founded by Darren Lachtman and Nick Millman, part of the founding team that started Niche, one of the early influencer marketing companies that was acquired by Twitter in 2015 for more than $50 million. Lachtman and Millman again worked together at Brat TV, the Gen Z media studio behind such hit series as Chicken Girls (Lachtman will step into a board role at Brat TV, which will continue to be helmed by co-founder Rob Fishman). Unlike other companies in the financing space, Goldenset will not offer debt or advertising guarantees, but instead take equity stakes more akin to a venture capital firm.

Also announced today, Goldenset has already deployed $1 million to support seven different creators. With these deals and future financings, Goldenset offers talent favorable terms, enabling them to jumpstart their social media channels, while maintaining personal financial stability. By investing capital, rather than extending credit lines or cash advances, Goldenset is aligned with creators’ long-term success rather than short-term profits. In addition to capital, Goldenset also offers complimentary access to leading accounting, legal, public relations, production and design firms.

“Our team supports creators by becoming equity partners in their growing and evolving businesses. We have the collective goal of creating long-term enterprise value truly owned by the creator. We know creators harness the potential to be the founders of high-growth start-ups with Fortune 500 potential.” said Darren Lachtman, co-founder and CEO of Goldenset Collective.

“Darren and the team at Goldenset have been leading the charge in the creator economy for more than a decade and have consistently been on the cutting edge of both technological and business trends. We are 100% supportive of their vision and fully expect Goldenset Collective to be another bellwether in the digital talent landscape.” said Ronny Conway, Founder & General Partner of A.Capital Ventures.

Goldenset Collective will be using their seed round to make between 10 and 20 initial investments while building out their internal team and creator support infrastructure.

“At Lerer Hippeau, we invest early and stay in our founders’ corners forever – and the Goldenset team is no exception. We are glad to partner with them on their latest project after supporting their earlier companies as well,” said Eric Hippeau, Managing Partner at Lerer Hippeau. “Goldenset is establishing a totally new model for working with creators and will back many of the future’s biggest names. If you don’t know these creators yet, you will soon.”

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Goldenset is a platform to invest in and support the next generation of digital creators. We support creators by becoming equity partners in their growing and evolving businesses, with the collective goal of creating long-term enterprise value truly owned by the creator.

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