gigaroo Secures $2.5M in Pre-Seed Funding to Transform GenZ Financial Stability

Startup gigaroo Aims to Empower GenZ Individuals with Financial Tools and Opportunities

Key Takeaways:

  • Austin-based startup gigaroo has successfully raised $2.5 million in pre-seed funding to support its mission of empowering GenZ individuals with financial stability. Since its app launch in January, gigaroo has attracted a substantial user base of thousands of GenZ individuals and has partnered with dozens of service industry customers.
  • Adir Oren, Co-founder & CEO of gigaroo, emphasized the company’s commitment to addressing the unique challenges faced by GenZ in today’s evolving economic landscape. gigaroo’s AI-powered app acts as a bridge, connecting GenZ with flexible service industry job options that align with their lifestyle. By providing next-day payments, gigaroo enables GenZ individuals to access their earnings promptly and plan for short-term obligations and long-term goals.

Expansion and Partnerships

gigaroo has ambitious plans for future expansion. The company aims to scale its operations in Austin, Dallas, Miami, Boston, and other locations. Additionally, gigaroo plans to establish partnerships with restaurant point-of-sale and management systems, assisting businesses in filling open positions and retaining employees. This collaborative approach benefits both GenZ individuals, who gain the flexible financial stability they seek, and businesses, which can reduce turnover, increase profits, and recover an average of over $200,000 of their annual lost revenue.

About gigaroo

gigaroo was founded in 2022 by Adir Oren and Yair Almagor, renowned Israeli entrepreneurs. The startup is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with its research and development center located in Israel. gigaroo plans to raise its seed round in the coming months, further fueling its innovative solutions and growth.

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