Former EA & Unity Studios Execs Move Hyper-Royale Mobile Battler Rooniverse to ImmutableX

XP Foundry, a web3 game development studio, today announces that it is migrating on-chain assets of its free-to-play (F2P) mobile game Rooniverse to ImmutableX – the dedicated platform for building and scaling web3 games from leading web3 gaming company Immutable.

“We are extremely excited that XP Foundry and its debut web3 title Rooniverse are joining the ever-growing ImmutableX family,” said Andrew Sorokovsky, VP of Global Business Development at Immutable. “The partnership will greatly help both Immutable and XP Foundry onboard millions of mobile gamers together with a combination of chaotic fun and frictionless blockchain integrations to support what really matters: ownership, trading, and interoperability.”

Rooniverse is a F2P hyper-royale mobile game featuring cute and savage creatures battling in PvP game modes. Players can also take part in crafting, user-generated content (UGC), and social gameplay. On-chain collectibles are integrated through a fully optional blockchain layer, making the game enjoyable by both traditional and web3 gamers on iOS, Android, PC, and Mac.

In the game, players pit their “Roos” against each other in multiplayer game modes to win resources, which can be used to craft unconventional weapons and build their own empire in the Rooniverse ecosystem.

XP Foundry’s engineers and artists boast AAA credentials in IPs like Sonic the Hedgehog, Game of Thrones, Batman, Call of Duty, The Elder Scrolls, and more. The studio’s co-CEO and game director James Finley is a former director of technology at Unity Studios with over 15 years of experience in game direction. Additionally, executive producer, James Chung, is a former art director at EA and worked on the original Call of Duty team.

With the transition of assets to ImmutableX, Rooniverse offers gamers a plethora of user-friendly features such as extremely fast, cost-efficient transactions and zero-fee minting for their on-chain characters & items, this is combined with Ethereum’s robust inherent security.

Unlike general-purpose blockchains, ImmutableX was explicitly designed from the ground up with web3 gaming in mind, resulting in one of the most expansive and innovative blockchain gaming ecosystems to date, in terms of both players and developers. XP Foundry will gain access to Immutable’s vast technical expertise in blockchain as well as the team’s hands-on experience working with 100+ other web3 gaming studios as well as through Immutable Gaming Studios.

“Immutable has great features to facilitate mass adoption like gas-free trading and a development roadmap exclusively focused on serving games,” noted James Finley, co-Founder/co-CEO at XP Foundry and game director at Rooniverse.

“There are superb blockchains and L2s out there, but I am a big believer in platforms who niche down and focus on catering to a specific industry segment,” says Germán Palau, XP Foundry’s co-Founder/co-CEO and its resident crypto-native. “Through our many conversations, Immutable has shown us that they clearly ‘get it’ when it comes to understanding mainstream gamers and getting rid of ‘NFT stigma’ that prevent open adoption. We love using blockchain integrations as features for our game, for this reason, I think we’re making the best long-term decision for the game.”

Previously, XP Foundry had successfully raised $1.5 million at a fully diluted valuation of $10 million during its pre-seed funding round led by Shima Capital. Today, the studio’s backers and partners include Big Brain Holdings, Deep Ventures, Criterion, Double Peak, Snack Club, Magic Eden, 3DGG Labs, Spectre, Citizen Capital, XBorg, Naavik, Battle Arena Gamers Guild, and Stardust, as well as esports organizations such as YGG SEA and the Global Esports Federation.

Rooniverse’s open alpha testing is slated for February 2023, with beta (Q2/3) and the full game (Q4) to follow.

About Immutable

Immutable is powering the next generation of web3 games through ImmutableX – the leading developer platform for building and scaling mainstream-ready web3 games on Ethereum, entirely carbon neutral and gas-free.

ImmutableX offers unparalleled support to launch a successful web3 game on Ethereum. SDKs and APIs make adding NFT functionality to a game seamless and easy, the wide ecosystem of products and partners manage all blockchain infrastructure needs, and the ImmutableX Global Order Book generates real liquidity for assets.

Today, many world-class web3 games are built on ImmutableX including Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, Illuvium, Embersword, Planet Quest and many more.

About XP Foundry

Led by decorated builders in gaming, XP Foundry is the web3 arm of a AAA gaming studio housing 20+ engineers and artists with 120+ titles credited. The studio’s breakout into web3 features fast time-to-fun games with optional blockchain layers. XP Foundry specializes in hybrid-genre skill-based gameplay and 360° LiveOps, and is inspired by its player community.

Rooniverse is a F2P hyper-royale mobile game set in the whimsical world of Roos, savage pets who fight to the death for glory! The game features easily customisable gameplay in variety PvP modes, user-generated maps with creation/curation rewards, and optional blockchain later that enriches a player-driven economy. Rooniverse’s alpha launch in February will feature its flagship Mini-Rooyale mode with custom lobbies, exclusive battle pass rewards, and an all-new Roohalla map.

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