Danielle Bernstein Reinvents Influencer Platform with Moe Assist Relaunch

Moe Assist, the first project management platform for influencers announced today the launch of MOE 2.0. For the first time ever, the tech company will introduce an Agency Dashboard which will help talent managers streamline their business and stay organized by allowing them to manage influencer projects, schedules and content approvals all in one place. The new version of MOE will also focus on a mobile upload feature for quick and easy content approvals and allow influencers to collaborate with their team members.

After announcing Moe Assist in 2019, the company saw great momentum with acquiring users. Founder and long-time influencer Danielle Bernstein knows the industry pain points first hand and her expertise was pivotal in creating the product vision. During the last two-years the company collected feedback from the creator ecosystem and its new launch is focused on simplifying life and work for both the creators and the agencies and will soon be available to brands who manage influencer marketing in-house. “One of the main objectives with the new launch is to bring enterprise tools to market that address the bottlenecks that happen during the campaign process between brands, agencies and influencers.” Bernstein exclaims.

Now, as the influencer marketing industry reaches $16.B, the company is raising money to solve core business problems that the creator economy faces. The business secured seed funding earlier this year from a group of angel investors that have expertise in marketing and investing, and expect to complete the round in early 2023.

Many investors who built their thesis around the Creator Economy, have noted the lack of tools in the market to support this growing segment of entrepreneurs. Influencers of all sizes, agents, agencies and brands face similar challenges and don’t have workflow tools to help them manage and scale their business. “Everyone is using ad hoc tools and relying on google spreadsheets, we saw a big opportunity to develop centralized tools to empower the entire ecosystem.” Bernstein exclaims.

Today MOE 2.0 will allow agents to enter their influencer’s brand partnerships and deliverables in a quick one-step process, manage and oversee their calendars and automate the content approval process with reminders and mobile upload features for their talent. 20 year talent agent, Jennifer Powell states, “I have tried to utilize model booking platforms, spreadsheets and tested various software tools to help myself and team stay organized, but there is nothing on the market that is specific to what we do in influencer marketing. This tool will help my team save hours per week, and help us keep on track for brand deliverables – and that is very meaningful to our business.”

The company’s tagline ‘Powering the Creator Economy’ gives insight into its future direction; founder Bernstein says, “We are constantly evolving and looking to our customers to share feedback on what they actually need. Our goal is to not only improve the quality of life for our customers, but also help them increase productivity and stay organized. To do so we feel that involves agencies and brands and the full lifecycle of creator brand partnerships.”

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