Daisy Co. Unveils the Future of Home Automation Under New Leadership

Introducing a National Brand Focused on Home Technology Services and Automation

Key Takeaways

  • Daisy, a new home technology services brand, aims to simplify lives by offering comprehensive installation, maintenance, and usability of home technology.
  • Led by Hagan Kappler, a seasoned executive in the franchise and home services industry, Daisy is poised to disrupt the $20B home automation sector.
  • Daisy has completed its seed funding round and is currently inviting interested partners to get involved.

About Daisy Co.

Daisy is a pioneering force in the home technology services domain, setting a new industry standard by creating an accessible and customer-centric national home automation brand. The company is committed to making home technology a boon rather than a bane for individuals and families, offering a spectrum of services from installation to ongoing maintenance.

Experienced Leadership Ushers in New Era

At the helm of Daisy is Hagan Kappler, an experienced franchise and home services CEO who is also one of the company’s co-founders. Kappler has previously led multiple home services franchise brands across different sectors, including HVAC, plumbing, pest control, home cleaning, and insulation. Her portfolio also boasts of growth and development at national brands like Merry Maids, ServiceMaster Clean, Starbucks, Club Car, Trane, and Terminix.

Commenting on Kappler’s appointment, Daisy’s funding consortium partners stated, “Ms. Kappler has unique leadership capabilities to deliver on the incredible opportunity to build out the first national provider and brand dedicated to helping individuals and families obtain the maximum benefit from the exciting developments in home technology services. Her experience in strategy, M&A, and home services will deliver unique and valuable insights into how to better enable technology to deliver better home experiences.”

A Passionate Vision for Simplified Living

In her new role as Daisy’s CEO, Kappler is enthusiastic about building a concept that will make life easier for homeowners. As a mother of four, her commitment to creating a company that simplifies lives is personal. “I am thrilled to build and lead a new home services concept to help people better manage their homes,” she said. “I am confident we will deliver substantial benefits to home technology integration companies, new franchisees, and, most importantly, to the individuals and families who need this support in their busy and challenging lives.”

An Exciting Future

Daisy has successfully completed its seed funding round, backed by a consortium of family offices, home automation industry insiders, franchise industry leaders, and private equity and investment banking executives. As it gears up to launch its concept, Daisy is inviting potential business partners, franchisees, and customers to express their interest.

This innovative brand’s entry into the home automation sector—currently valued at $20 billion and growing at an impressive rate of 13%—heralds a new era in home technology services. With its dedicated focus on making technology serve the needs of homeowners, Daisy is poised to redefine how technology is adopted, used, and maintained in our homes.

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