Cyclops: Innovating Cybersecurity Through Contextual Search and Generative AI

An Insight into How Cyclops Aims to Revolutionize Cybersecurity with its AI-Powered Search Engine and Funding Momentum

Key Takeaways:

  1. Cybersecurity firm Cyclops, co-founded by veterans Eran Zilberman, Elay Gueta, and Biran Franco, has emerged from stealth with $6.4M in seed funding.
  2. Cyclops utilizes generative AI to develop an intuitive, user-friendly search engine that enhances cybersecurity management, improving MTTD and MTTR by 80%.
  3. The funding will be used to scale the company, continue product innovation, and expand capabilities.
  4. The platform has the potential to break down security silos and create efficient, effective cybersecurity strategies.

About Cyclops

Cyclops is a trailblazing cybersecurity firm that has integrated generative AI into its platform to streamline the management of cybersecurity data. The company’s Contextual Search Platform, the first of its kind in the cybersecurity realm, allows security practitioners to ask any question about their security data in natural language, receiving accurate and actionable responses.

Founded by seasoned cybersecurity experts Eran Zilberman (CEO), Elay Gueta (CTO), and Biran Franco (CPO), Cyclops aims to address the pressing need for a more efficient and effective way to handle the overwhelming amount of cybersecurity data organizations face.

Bringing Simplicity to Cybersecurity Data Management

One of the most pressing issues in cybersecurity is the abundance of data and the lack of effective tools to manage it. Cyclops addresses this issue head-on with its groundbreaking platform. By integrating generative AI into its system, Cyclops provides a search engine that gives organizations clear, concise, and accurate answers about their security status, mitigating the need for extensive forensics or SIEM expertise.

CEO Eran Zilberman, noted, “With Cyclops, these days are over. Our main purpose is to empower security teams to proactively defend against cyber threats and prioritize addressing critical vulnerabilities with the necessary contextual data.”

How Cyclops Platform Works

The Cyclops platform is built on a cybersecurity mesh architecture (CSMA) which offers a unique and efficient approach to handling security data. This allows security teams to quickly and easily query Cyclops through a natural language search bar to gain meaningful insights about their environment and address vulnerabilities, security incidents and governance, risk and compliance scenarios.

Cyclops’ aim is to enable security teams to maximize the value from their existing technology stack, significantly reduce mean time to detection (MTTD) and mean time to response (MTTR), and assist CISOs in more effectively managing their cybersecurity strategies.

Funding and Future of Cyclops

The recent $6.4M seed funding, led by Merlin Ventures, Insight Partners, Tal Ventures, toDay Ventures, and CrowdStrike’s Falcon Fund, will be instrumental in scaling the company, continuing product innovation, and expanding capabilities. Cyclops’ initiative has been received positively by the industry, with Gur Talpaz, VP corporate development and ventures at CrowdStrike, commending their approach to enhancing organizational security.


Cyclops emerges as a game-changer in the cybersecurity realm, armed with its innovative platform and significant funding. With a goal to enhance cybersecurity management, it has captured the attention and support of several leading industry veterans and investors. The firm’s future seems promising, as it continually strives to innovate, disrupt, and push the boundaries of what’s possible in cybersecurity management.

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