Boisson to Import New Non-Alcoholic Beverage Brands from Europe and the UK

The Beverage Retailer Will Introduce the European Category Leader, Kolonne Null, to the US Market

Key Takeaways:

  • Boisson, a leading non-alcoholic beverage retailer, will import non-alcoholic brands from Europe and the UK.
  • European category leader Kolonne Null will be among the first brands introduced to the US market.
  • Boisson’s expansion of its business model is driven by consumer demand for high-quality wines.

About Boisson

Boisson, the largest national non-alcoholic beverage retailer, today announced its plans to expand its business model to begin importing new non-alcoholic beverage brands from Europe and the UK to the US market. Among the first brands to launch is Kolonne Null from Berlin, a producer of a variety of dealcoholized wines, including popular Rosés, Riesling, Verdejo, and Silvaner wines.

Unique Business Model

Boisson’s distinctive business model, which includes selling directly to consumers through an industry-leading online platform, in retail stores across the US, and to the beverage trade, helps consumers find the best-curated non-alcoholic products in the US, both for home consumption and in bars and restaurants.

Growing Demand for High-Quality Wines

Boisson CEO Nick Bodkins notes the continuous consumer demand for better, higher-quality wines. Customers are interested in understanding the origins of their wines – their terroir. Boisson has responded to this need by partnering with Kolonne Null, known for their advocacy for the category and their work with vineyards across Europe to produce vibrant, fresh, and delicious wines.

Company Origins and Expansion

Boisson was founded in NYC in 2021 by Nick Bodkins and Barrie Arnold. The company was created with the mission of providing non-alcoholic spirits to consumers in a welcoming, judgment-free environment that encourages exploration. Since its inception, Boisson has rapidly expanded its retail footprint to six locations in NYC, two in Los Angeles, and one in San Francisco. In addition to retail expansion, the company has also grown its e-commerce platform, raised $12M in seed funding, and launched an on-premise business to offer elevated non-alcoholic options in restaurants and bars nationwide.

New Partnership with Kolonne Null

The US launch of Kolonne Null is an exciting development for the brand, given the significance of the US market for non-alcoholic wines. Kolonne Null Founder, Philipp Roessle, expressed confidence in Boisson as a trusted partner and distributor and is eager to introduce the stories and craftsmanship of Kolonne Null to a wider audience.

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