Blocto Shatters Entry Barriers: Introduces an ERC-4337 Compatible Wallet for Web3 Mass Adoption

A breakthrough in blockchain technology pushes the frontiers of account abstraction, making Web3 more accessible and user-friendly.

Key Takeaways:

  • Blocto, a cross-chain wallet application and multi-chain Web3 ecosystem, launches an ERC-4337 compatible wallet.
  • This product milestone catalyzes the progress in account abstraction, leading Ethereum towards mainstream adoption.
  • The ERC-4337 compatible wallet employs a decentralized paymaster for a frictionless user experience, complemented by Blocto’s unique freemium model for Web3 user acquisition.
  • Blocto’s wallet takes the crypto and blockchain experience to an elevated level of accessibility, security, and interoperability.

Blocto: The Pioneer of Web3 Accessibility

Founded in 2019, Blocto has consistently been at the forefront of blockchain innovation, driving large-scale adoption of digital assets. Its mission? To simplify and optimize the user experience, making the complex world of Web3 accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of technical expertise. With the unveiling of its ERC-4337 compatible wallet, Blocto sets a new standard in blockchain technology.

Advancing Account Abstraction Innovation

Account abstraction (AA) is a groundbreaking Ethereum upgrade aimed at redefining the cryptocurrency payment experience. By enabling programmable smart contracts for payment experiences, AA not only enhances the security of crypto wallets but also dramatically improves their accessibility, thereby welcoming a new wave of users to Web3.

As Tom Teman, ERC-4337 Product Manager, Ethereum Foundation, eloquently puts it: “Frictionless usability and comprehensive security will be the key catalysts to bring Ethereum to the mainstream. Programmable smart accounts will revolutionize wallet UX development and how people interact with decentralized applications.”

Making Web3 More Accessible with the ERC-4337 Compatible Wallet

The cornerstone of Blocto’s newest offering lies in its compatibility with ERC-4337 – an Ethereum standard that propels account abstraction without necessitating protocol modifications. It overcomes multiple challenges associated with digital asset payments, enhancing user experience while boosting security.

One standout feature of Blocto’s ERC-4337 compatible wallet is the ability for coinless onboarding via Blocto Points. This feature not only lowers the entry barriers for newcomers but also instills confidence in users as they navigate the Web3 ecosystem.

Luis Schliesske, Co-founder, Gelato, sees this as a pivotal turning point: “With Gelato’s multi-chain Account Abstraction tooling, it has never been easier for Web3 developers to build user experiences that rival and even surpass those of Web2 apps.”

Setting a New Benchmark in User Experience

Blocto’s unique approach to the onboarding process eliminates the need for complicated seed phrases, instead allowing users to access their digital wallet through social logins. By streamlining the onboarding experience, Blocto ensures that anyone can access Web3 in under thirty seconds.

“We are creating a streamlined solution that makes blockchain technologies simpler and more accessible to everyone,” stated Hsuan Lee, Co-founder, and CEO of Blocto. “This ushers in a new era of instantaneous, secure transactions that surmount existing barriers.”

Looking Ahead: A Bright Future for Blocto

As an industry-first to achieve ERC-4337 compatibility, Blocto’s pioneering role in account abstraction is undeniable. Since its Series A round in February 2023, Blocto has experienced significant growth, securing the backing of influential investors like Mark Cuban and 500 Global.

With plans to integrate with multiple leading EVM-compatible Layer 2 blockchains and develop strategic ecosystem accelerator programs, Blocto continues to push the envelope, further simplifying the Web3 onboarding process, and expanding its influence in the Web3 industry.

About Blocto

Blocto is a cross-chain smart contract wallet ecosystem that offers a unified, seamless experience on a comprehensive platform. Its SDK allows for instant Web3 integration, significantly lowering user acquisition costs. Blocto, through its commitment to innovation, aims to make blockchain technologies simpler and more accessible, driving the widespread adoption of digital assets.

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