Beeyond Media: Transforming AdTech with $10M Seed Funding Boost

Accelerating Digital Out-of-Home Advertising with Innovative Solutions in the US and Latin America

Key Takeaways

  • Beeyond Media, a leading programmatic Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising platform, closes a $10M seed funding round.
  • The investment, led by RAU Capital, will help scale Beeyond Media in the US and Latin America and extend its connected inventory.
  • Beeyond Media saw sales increase twelvefold in 2022 and projects a tenfold increase in the upcoming year.

About Beeyond Media

Founded in 2019 by CEO Alejandro Donzis, Beeyond Media strives to innovate the traditional advertising channel with transparency and efficiency. The company, which has consolidated operations throughout Latin America, expanded to the US and Canada in 2023. Beeyond Media excels in delivering high-quality out-of-home (OOH) advertising across a wide array of digital screens. As the DOOH industry continues to grow, the company aspires to lead as a global premier DOOH company.

The Power of Seed Funding

With the close of a $10M seed round led by Ricardo Uribe of RAU Capital and Beeyond Media board member, Beeyond Media is poised for strategic growth across the US and Latin America. The funding will also bolster Beeyond Media’s efforts to expand their vast connected inventory into other markets throughout 2024. The company’s latest fundraising endeavor, raising their total capital to $12.5M, underscores investors’ confidence in its vision and its unique DOOH approach.

Revolutionizing DOOH Advertising

Beeyond Media’s unique approach to DOOH merges programmatic technology with a layer of curated services, maximizing the results and return on ad spend of large campaigns for brands. They boast an inventory of over 600,000 devices and screens, including billboards, street furniture, airport media, and more, spanning across 17 countries.

Recently, Beeyond Media announced a strategic partnership with Place Exchange, a supply-side platform for programmatic OOH, which will further extend Beeyond Media’s impressive DOOH inventory. The company has also launched its audience segmentation tool, Beeyond TrueReach, which empowers clients with insightful data to execute highly effective and targeted DOOH campaigns.

“As the DOOH industry grows and we continue to expand our business, the ongoing support from our investors is increasingly valuable,” Alejandro Donzis, CEO and co-founder of Beeyond Media, stated. “The opportunity in digital advertising is massive and Beeyond is demonstrating to the industry that there is a superior way to manage DOOH campaigns, and our growing partnerships and client base serve as proof of our success.”

Driving Future Growth

With a record 12X sales increase in 2022 and a projected 10X increase for the following year, Beeyond Media has shown substantial momentum and promise in the DOOH industry. The recently closed seed round will play an integral role in financing ongoing campaigns and facilitating growth in their US team.

Ricardo Uribe, investor at RAU Capital and Beeyond Media board member, commented, “Beeyond Media has exceeded expectations over the last year. We believe the company is strategically positioned to stand out as a provider of a highly valuable global solution in an industry growing at double-digit rates year over year.”

Redefining Excellence in the DOOH Industry

With a profound commitment to innovation, Beeyond Media continues to redefine industry standards for DOOH advertising. Through their advanced technology and the strategic use of seed funding, Beeyond Media is poised to transform the DOOH landscape, facilitating more effective advertising campaigns for brands and paving the way for growth across the US and Latin America.

To learn more about Beeyond Media and their groundbreaking advancements in the AdTech industry, visit their website.

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