Autonomous services to power next-gen apps for crypto users and DAOs: Valory’s traction boosted by $4 million seed fundraise led by True Ventures

Today, ‘autonomy’ is often a sales buzzword, used to sell things like self-driving cars and image-generating AIs to users in exchange for their private data. 

In essence, humans give up their autonomy to enable software and machines.

Valory wants to reverse this. They believe that collective control of AI should be in the hands of individuals, not billionaires and mega-corporations.

Valory believes the best way to achieve this future is through autonomous services. This is a new type of software that runs continuously, with little input required from humans.

Fueled by a $4 million seed round led by True Ventures, with participation from Signature Ventures, Semantic Ventures and other well-regarded and strategically valuable funds and angels, Valory AG is already well on the way to achieving this vision. 

Valory fills a gap in the crypto infrastructure stack between decentralized blockchains and centrally operated off-chain bots and services.

Through its open source software stack and the Autonolas DAO and protocol, Valory enables crypto apps and DAOs to make themselves compliant, competitive and in control of their off-chain infrastructure.

Valory runs educational academies with community developers. Developers in the program learn and co-build new autonomous services.

This program has already led to the launch of an autonomous service. In collaboration with Valory, Academy participants built an autonomous NFT collector DAO. The service enables users to get broad exposure to top-tier generative art, with minimal input in comparison to a manual approach. 

Valory recently received a sizable grant from Balancer, a top decentralized exchange. Valory will build an MVP of a novel asset management primitive. Another notable collaboration is with Brahma, a sophisticated yield protocol. Brahma is using Valory’s tools to improve their off-chain infrastructure.

To show the power and flexibility of the stack, Valory has built several of its own applications. These include novel ML-powered oracles and keeper systems.

Independent developers looking to elevate their Python skills can join Valory’s next academy, or use the documentation and frameworks to start building right away.

Valory’s autonomous services stack is relevant for teams looking to:

  • Escape the crowded crypto marketplace for protocols and chains with powerful features for your devs and users
  • Speed up decision-making and avoid increase regulatory compliance in your DAO
  • Take ownership of your off-chain infrastructure

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