Arieli Capital Invests in Social Commerce Startup Terrific, Founded by Ex-Israeli MoD CTO

Terrific’s Groundbreaking Platform Boosts Revenue for Brands Through Personalized Shopping Experiences

Key Takeaways:

  • Terrific, a social commerce startup, has completed its seed funding round, which included an investment from Arieli Capital.
  • The startup’s platform helps e-commerce sites increase sales by leveraging data for personalized shopping experiences.
  • The company, founded by former Israeli Ministry of Defense (MoD) CTO Israel Grintz, enables Western brands to capitalize on the live shopping trend.

Arieli Capital Invests in Groundbreaking Social Commerce Startup Terrific

Terrific, a social commerce startup helmed by CEO Israel Grintz, recently announced the completion of a successful seed round of financing. The funding round included an investment from Arieli Capital, a global holding company known for its diverse portfolio.

Transforming E-commerce through Personalized Experiences

Terrific has developed a revolutionary platform that employs the latest trends in social commerce to increase conversions and sales for e-commerce sites. By analyzing data and the target audience, Terrific is able to distill information that can enhance sales and exposure for its clients.

Grintz’s experiences managing investments in the civilian data industry during his time at the Israeli Ministry of Defense shaped the development of Terrific’s technology. Notably, Grintz is helping Western brands to leverage the booming live shopping trend, a phenomenon that gained traction in China.

A Strong Alliance with Arieli Capital

Arieli Capital’s investment in Terrific signifies a longstanding relationship between the two entities. Eric Bentov, Founding Partner of Arieli, personally knows Grintz, and the firm’s international reach in the realms of commerce, technology, and fashion has been pivotal in the startup’s progress. Terrific’s clients, most of whom are established industry leaders, significantly benefit from this association with Arieli.

Grintz expressed his excitement about the collaboration with Arieli Capital, reiterating Terrific’s commitment to improving sales and exposure for their clients while ensuring they maintain full ownership of their own data.

Bentov endorsed Terrific’s unique technology, highlighting its role in redefining the interaction between international brands and consumers. He praised the company’s growth and success in securing significant deals, attributing it to the firm’s ability to cater to the client’s needs, Grintz’s analytical prowess, and the presence of leading minds in e-commerce on their team.

About Terrific

Terrific is a social commerce startup that leverages data analysis and AI tools to provide brands with personalized shopping experiences. The platform is distinct from existing social platforms as it enables brands to maintain all their own data and full branding. For more information, visit

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